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Fame Designer avatar 3:30 PM on 08.22.2011  (server time)
C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

Happy Monday Destructoid. The story is all falling into place. Two more chapters left. Not much to say right now. No art this week because... First, no new characters. Second... Action scenes are hard. I'll have to think of something to insert art-wise later. Enjoy!

James thought of strategy. He had a very bad feeling about the meeting in Silent Hill. It was only a matter of time until they found out once and for all what the answer to the mystery of the Greenvale killer. It was Anthony behind it all, if they were to believe The Comedian. But everything he said was too likely considering the facts. Anthony’s powers fit the bill. Fame Designer and Ashley were the only people on the list that he didn’t know about. James suspected they fell into the equation somewhere. The first thing to do, however, was to find Anthony.

“What are we going to do if we find them?” Kraid said. “I’m not sure that I can help. Making people classy is what I do. I don’t kill people. I’m not great in battle.”

“Then continue to do what you’ve been doing.” James said. “Give support from the back and protect Alice.”

“Hey!” Alice exclaimed. “I can fight!”

“Forgive me m’lady.” Wolf pleaded. “I would never forgive myself if you were hurt. Please let us handle things. Be ready to run if all is lost.”

“I won’t run.” Alice said. “No way…”

“Over there.” Hugh said. “What is that?”

They all looked over to see another group approaching. Corduroy Turtle was in front. A girl walked alongside Anthony. She seemed to be happy and smiling, looking at Anthony more than she was looking at anything else. And there was another girl wearing Elsa’s clothes.

“That’s… Elsa?” Hugh suggested on closer inspection.

“Anthony changed her.” James whispered under his breath.

Hugh widened his eyes. His head turned to James quickly. James’s whole body tensed up. On instinct he drew his sword. Hugh turned back to the other group with his baseball bat in hand. Wolf drew his sword. AlphaDeus turned on a sound device connected to his sword. The piano sword hummed. Alice backed away keeping a hand on her sword hilt, and Kraid followed her closely.

The other group had their weapons out already. James noticed Anthony’s katana. It fit the description completely. Beyamor’s case had been solved. Everything made sense now. As the four of them walked closer Anthony fastened a half black and half white mask to his face. It was just as Wolf had described. It was the mask that had driven Winged Kraby mad.

Anthony’s group stopped. Corduroy still walked in front. He carried his bo staff forwards and pointed it at Wolf. Corduroy called him forwards. James shook his body to release tension. A one on one battle without any negotiations seemed like a strange move. Wolf knew it was personal. Corduroy was young now, ready to fight the well armored knight. Wolf turned to Alice and looked at her for a moment. In his mind and in his heart, he said goodbye to her. Alice’s eyes shined with worry.

“Have at you!” Wolf yelled in Corduroy’s direction.

Corduroy Turtle leapt forwards and ran towards Wolf. Wolf took long strides but moved slowly in Turtle’s direction. Neither side moved other than the two fighters stepping into the battle. Wolf took the first swing and chopped horizontally at Corduroy, swiping at him like he was using a baseball bat. Wolf’s sword clanged against Corduroy’s force field. The energy from the shield crackled and reformed. Wolf’s arm stung, and as he grabbed his arm Corduroy slammed Wolf’s face with a wooden staff.

Wolf lay on the ground, dazed. Blood drained from his suit. With his tactile telekinetic powers he rose again effortlessly. Carrying weight was his specialty. In his old age, his powers were weaker. Anthony saw to that long ago. But he could still use his will to push further. Wolf’s footsteps surrounded themselves with blood. Corduroy’s weapon was surrounding itself with the energy shield.

Corduroy stepped sideways to dodge Wolf’s attack. He dodged quickly enough to take one more swipe at Wolf’s weapon, knocking it and Wolf’s arm away and exposing Wolf’s chest armor. Wolf stumbled backwards and took another shot in the center of his armor from Corduroy’s blunt weapon. The energy from Corduroy’s weapon shot right through Wolf’s armor and stopped his heart. Wolf held his ground for a moment. Bit by bit, darkness was clouding the outsides of his eyes. Wolf fell to his knees.

In an attempt to end the battle, Corduroy whipped his bo staff around a few times before bringing it down on Wolf. The blow from the staff shattered Wolf’s armor and fractured the bones in his arm. The arm had blocked the death strike and Wolf pushed his hand past the force field. Wolf grabbed Corduroy’s neck. His heart continued to beat slowly as he pulled Corduroy closer.

“Shit.” Elsa said, spitting onto the ground.

“Get him!” Anthony said angrily.

“No!” Alice screamed as she pulled away from Kraid.

Alice ran towards Wolf with her sword now drawn. She jumped past James who tried to stop her. Elsa sprinted towards Wolf with blurring speed. Corduroy tried to pull away, but the more he pulled the more his neck separated from his body. He took his bo staff and furiously chopped down on Wolf’s arm, severing the limb from Wolf’s torso. But wolf had already driven his own sword past Corduroy’s armor again.

“No, no no, wait…” Corduroy pleaded.

“The slow blade penetrates the shield.” Wolf said.

Wolf’s blade sank through Corduroy’s suit and through his rib cage. Elsa saw the blade emerge from Corduroy’s back. Corduroy struggled to heave air into the punctured lung, but only blood seemed to enter it. And as the blood entered his other lung he could no longer breathe. Corduroy twitched and his torso shook. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, trying to stay around for a moment longer. Corduroy thought of his destiny. He fell on the ground, puncturing Wolf’s sword deeper and at a different awkward angle. Corduroy fell asleep and then he died.

Elsa, finally stepping over Wolf, saw Alice coming. James was following closely behind. Before Elsa could stab Wolf to death, Alice covered Wolf with her body. Elsa hesitated for a moment before deciding to kill Alice first. And in that moment of hesitation, James was able to crouch under Elsa and block her attack. Their swords clanged together and Alice winced. Alice felt death looming and thought that maybe she had been lucky to be alive at that moment.

“Alice…” Wolf said. “M’lady… Please. You have to run now. I fear this will end with all of us dying. I… am dying. Please. Alice… Save yourself.”

Alice hugged Wolf and cried into his armor. Her tears dripped onto his face and he smiled. He hoped she would listen to his words. Alice rose from the bloody heap of armor and swallowed her fears to run off and away from both of the groups. Elsa and James started to fight one on one, and everyone else seemed to edge in closer to the fight.

It hadn’t been even one minute before Alice ran into another man approaching the battle. He wore a tie. His shirt and slacks looked awkward walking on land that resembled a desert. Sand blew across his shirt and got in his pockets. His tie would rarely hang where it was supposed to. She swiped him with her sword and cut his shirt. She paused to look at his arm, and she found no blood. Instinctually she grabbed her own arm and felt a cut there instead. She froze, not knowing exactly what to do. The man grabbed her arm and introduced himself.

“My name is Fame Designer.” He said. “You’re coming with me.”

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