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Mind Gamez: Understanding Villains.

Introductions Villains take different forms in games, often they are against you, such as Bowser from the Mario series (M), and sometimes you are the villain, such as in Grand Thief Auto series (GTA) and Destroy All Humans (D...


Mind Gamez: Aliens, the other white meat

Introduction Science fiction and aliens are a great combination as it allows for stories that are not limited by the boundaries of earth and the known world. Aliens can have abilities, technology or beliefs that are absurd ...


Mind Gamerz: Remake of Knight

Written by Stephon Edited by Me Introduction There are many different ways to look at the video game genre, it has been abbreviated and twisted in many circumstances. It has mostly kept up with its art background; there h...


Tools to help your blog

(NVDA logo- big to get your attention.) When blogging on Destructoid, it is important to make your blog as inviting as possible, so grammar and proper work flow is important. To help others who are struggling with this, I l...


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