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Falldog avatar 11:25 PM on 07.11.2012  (server time)
Tools to help your blog

(NVDA logo- big to get your attention.)
When blogging on Destructoid, it is important to make your blog as inviting as possible, so grammar and proper work flow is important. To help others who are struggling with this, I listed, in no order, the tools I use to make my blog as good as possible.
1. Word processor- This one is a no brainer, however it still deserves a mention. I personally use Microsoft Office 2007 Home Edition because of school. However there are many other free options out there such as Open Office, AbiWord, and Google Doc (features online backup). Also, I have found the grammar checker to be useless, so don’t opt not to use one because it may or may not include that feature.
2. On the fly online backup solution- Drop box is my preferred method to store specific files on my pc. Though Google drive and Amazon cloud storage are good competitors as well.
3. Screen Reader – this is the big one, its called nvda, it is a program designed for the blind, (don’t waste your time with windows screen reader as the blind I know won’t even use it) but it helps loads when proof reading. It is easy to learn, and is portable. This program helps you find the simple mistakes such , such as reading car as cars.
4. Destructoid’s blog tools- That’s it, at first I used various blog add-ons that were suppose to help in the process and all they did was complicate things and the blog editor on the site has mostly everything a blogger would need.
5. A friend- ok this is not a piece of software, but having a person to help with editing is really important and can help find what you miss. For instance, my first blog was just under 3000 words and about 9 times more verbose and with the help of Stephon, I was able to simplify the post significantly. Though giving credit is important, that is why every blog he edits start with an “edited by Stephon” on it
6. Google and by extension Firefox- self explanatory
Final thought
Seriously, go check out NVDA at

(Screen shot of NVDA welcome screen)

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