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Falldog avatar 8:19 PM on 07.17.2012  (server time)
Mind Gamerz: Remake of Knight

Written by Stephon
Edited by Me

There are many different ways to look at the video game genre, it has been abbreviated and twisted in many circumstances. It has mostly kept up with its art background; there have been instances where some of the core rules of game making have changed and this usually does one of three things: one, end poorly, such as in the story telling in Psychonauts, or two: turn the gaming community around like in God of War 3; and lastly, be understated similar to White Knight Chronicles.

Level 5s White Knight Chronicles 2 is one of the few games that not only remade the artwork of the first White Knight Chronicles game, but also change the game play for the sequel. By making the enemies stronger in some respects and weaker in other respects, unlike the original version that just focused more on weapons and spell powers. Also the special transformation done in the game by two of the playable characters was revamped; in the original version all the player had to do was use transformation within the boss fights and it was an easy win. In the sequel, the player actually had to think before using that ability.

New online
There are some changes to online besides the leveling system. One change in particular is the adding of guilds. Online mmos are never really without some guild option for the masses to unite and fight other guilds, but White Knight Chronicles is different in the sense that it was not made to be an online game but to have online elements, to make the game play more interesting by adding things, for instance guilds would only strengthen the online play which in turn would help the game as a whole.

My dislike
In my opinion, there are some things that seem to upset the original ideas of the game, like the extra side quests within the game; the original idea of the side quest was to allow different people to come online together and now you can do a good deal of side quest off line, defeating the reason you when out of your way for them. Also, as far as online play is involved the new online statues for your town are just a waste; it might have started out to be a way to help beginners raise their town stat but in the end turn into another money scheme that shows up in many online games and seems to cheapen the game.

What stood out the most for me is that when someone finishes a piece of art the artist cannot go back and add to it, nor can a film director remake a movie after it has been released (a movie can be re-master or edited, but the movie is largely similar, ie Jar Jar Binks is still in Star Wars). However the game companies do have the ability to do so and if done right it can change the way good games are made. Since game design is an art that can never truly be finished, it gives us the consumer the ability to judge many types of games to help us decide which parts are good and which need improving.
(Please note, this particular post was written by Stephon (not me, Anthony), as I was fairly busy this week and I would like to thank him for the help. Also any opinion and insight provided is of his work and I take no credit for it.)

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