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4:18 PM on 03.06.2013

Dtoid Memories: FNF and Bulltoid

I'm still learning the art of "Not-Sucking-At-ImageFormatting-Fu, Leave me alone

Sooooo, yeah. It's been a long ass while since I wrote an actual proper C-Blog. This gets me thinking about some of the things that've gone down here in the last four or so years I've been here. It's gotten me thinking about a lot of things; most notably when I first came here and when through a series of events lead to me meeting a some people that I would wholeheartedly consider my best friends.

For those of you that don't know, I registered at Destructoid on the very day that the print version of EGM went under. The reason for this is because 1) I heard a bout it from "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin' ? and 2) because I figured this place was cool enough that I'd actually want to register and try to be a part of this whole crazy thing. The first time I did the whole "be a part of the community" is when I first tried to get info from the PS3 Friday Night Fights.

I first found out about it from Y0j1mb0 (you know the old samurai that used to hang out here), and he told me that a bunch of Dtoiders got together to play games with each other. I figured "Why the fuck not ?" I was convinced to stay with this lovely place when I had one of the funnest times ever with Killzone 2. It also got me nostalgic for when me and that old man would play each other in the HD version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. While it was a few games we played, it was what ultimately inspired me to get back into not just Street Fighter, but fighting games as a whole and I honestly couldn't be happer about that. For that I say this thank you, old Ronin. Where ever you might be. He's probably off walking the earth, delivering sagely advice while kicking ass.

He probably had his back turned, walking into the sunset, Ryu style with this playing.

The other memory was when I did a podcast with some dudes who wound up becoming good friends of mine. Back when the Communicast was a thing (a Destructoid community podcast organized by the lovely Spencer Hayes), I met randombullseye, the dude that made Aaron Linde's BonerQuest into an actual friggin' video game. Also a novel. One day out of the blue, he asked me if he wanted to do a podcast with him and and a third, so I said yes. He then just pulls me in and says that we were recording the first episode. The show was called Bulltoid because we labelled it as "Destructoid's #1 Bullshit Podcast", despite the fact that we were the ONLY podcast.

Naturally, I was bewildered as to what was going on at first, but it went off without a relative hitch. After a few episodes, I eventually started to call them friends in my own mind (Then again, I am kind of nuts) and started talking to one of our listeners who eventually became a part of the show, Benje. We kept doing the show for a few months but eventually stopped due to scheduling conflicts, me getting super busy with school and the mad man behind all of this getting hitched (so basically, real life happened). I still keep in touch wey're some of the best friends I've ever made and from an anti-social shut-in like myself, that's one of the best compliments I can give to someone. These are some of the many memories I have of Destructoid, but these stick out to me the most. So happy birthday, Dtoid. Here's many more, you collection of sexy bastards.   read

8:25 PM on 01.21.2013

Falcon's Games of 2012...Presented Nearly a month Late

Author's Note: This is essentially a re-post from my personal blog, but decided to post it here because I thought it would be more fitting. Also,Holy Shit. First C-Blog in nearly 3 years. Also, the entry for Diablo3/Torchlight 2 is probably going to be longer than everything else on the list because of me going in-depth on why I liked each of them for separate reasons like a crazy person. Here's to hoping it doesn't take too long to read through - Mo.

One of the things that I wanted to do with this blog was to get my thoughts on video games on paper, so to speak. Not to make a career out of it, just as a way of interpreting my thoughts and feelings on the medium that is so near and dear to me. Although to be honest, writing a list feels like a a weird thing for me to do, especially in regards to the whole "Game of The Year" thing. I generally consider the Game of The Year concept to be incredibly silly; this is due to my belief of different games meaning different thing to different people, and generally considering that each game can set out to do different things (if that makes any sense).

With that little caveat out of the way, the way this list works is that the entries are in no particular order because no one game is the best in my eyes. Except the original Mega Man X, as that is Primus' gift to Humanity. Now let's get this show started.

2012's Game of 2011: Dark Souls

A game from the year before on this list ? "Madness" you must be thinking. But I have a good reason for this: I don't have money in the back due to not having a job, and thus can't play everything I want when it comes out (plus I think most games aren't worth the full price of admission, but that's a post for another day). When Dark Souls came out, it was roughly around the time when my classes in college were starting to kick my ass, so I had to buckle down and skip it unfortunately. Being responsible as a student and strapped for cash can do that. The real reason I put Dark Souls above everything else I played in 2011 is because it's the one game that wasn't afraid to challenge everything I knew about how a game can be so soul-crushing in it's challenge level and depth of it's systems, yet be so incredibly rewarding. You must learn one thing if you have any hope of getting through it: It HATES your guts with a fiery passion. When this is understood, the journey will truly begin. There were times when it had me frustrated to the point of punching walls and saying all seven of the words you can't say on television at the top of my lungs. Sometimes simultaneously, but when I triumphed against a particularly annoying enemy, made it to the safety of a bonfire, or killed a tough boss; it was fucking euphoric. That is the reason why Dark Souls is my retroactive game of 2011

Diablo 3/Torchlight 2

These two games are probably less intertwined than I think they are, but they did the same thing: Kept me playing them until I looked at the clock and say "Oh Shit, I should probably go to sleep". While some say that Torchlight 2 has more in common with Diablo 2 than Diablo 3, I personally like to think that they are both differing permutations of the same ground work that Diablo 2 established back in 2000. Here's my reasoning in two separate parts:

Diablo 3: The way Diablo 3 does it in the ways that it's very aggressively geared towards keeping you playing the game for hours on end. Which is fucking diabolical in the best way possible (Pun fully intended). This is done through various ways, such as it putting the potion system on a cooldown timer and introduced health globes that drop from fallen foes. It also completely re-worked the skill system to allow an unprecedented amount of freedom in terms of skill builds and play styles, while also allowing for what as essentially free, unlimited respecs whenever you wished. Yeah, you read right: Free, unlimited respcecs whenever you wanted. The classes were the best part of the game as the four new classes all brought something unique to the table, while the old standby of the Barbarian got some new tricks to keep up with them whippersnappers so to speak (If you've seen the Male Barbarian, the you know what I'm talking about). Be it the Glass Cannon Demon Hunter, the Minion Master Witch Doctor, the Law of Equivalent Exchange ignoring Wizard or my personal favourite the Lightning Bruiser Monk; there was a style of play for every player .While I admit that the inclusion of the auction house kinda fucked the game over in my eyes in terms of loot progression, and that some of the difficulty balancing in the first month or so was pretty bullshit, it still didn't take away from the hundred and fifty or so hours of enjoyment I managed to get out of it.

Torchlight 2: The way Torchlight 2 does the whole "Kill Stuff, Loot ALL The Things" approach is by being a modern day interpretation of those forgotten days of demon slaying from the dawn of the 21st Century. The skill System for each of the game's 4 classes can be either really focused, Such as the Berserker's "Kill Everything" approach or be completely different things than intended like the Engineer's ability to be a Two-Handed Bruiser, Sword and Board Tank, Support, Dual Wielding Maniac or in my case all of those things rolled into one. When going through it, it felt like a world you wanted to explore in a weird sort of way (case in point the ghost ship side quest) and while I thought the realms of Sanctuary, Azmodan's corner of the Burning Hells and the High Heavens were nice and all, they sort of lost their appeal after a while. It also did what a good sequel should do: Take what worked about the first game and improve further while adding in new things. It's also got the neat Pet system that lets you haul stuff back to town while you keep killing and looting stuff. My pet's a ferret with an adorable little backpack and aviator helmet. With goggles.

Skylanders Giants

This one kind of came out of nowhere for me. I originally had my interests piqued by both listening about Jeff's growing obsession with Skylanders on the Giant Bombcast and the fact that the figures themselves actually looked pretty kick-ass. It's a combination of my two loves of both toys and games to make something pretty interesting (as well as a game that's pretty good too). The new thing in the game is the Giants, which not only serve as more toys to get but have some neat things introduced from a gameplay perspective. Since the giants are twice the size of regular Skylanders, they can get around barriers and other obstacles their smaller compatriots can't. This is also on the list because it's the first game that me and my kid sister ever co-oped from start to finish. Not only did we have a blast doing so, but we once spent 12 hours straight playing it. Yep. TWELVE HOURS. This convinced me that if more kids games were like Skylanders Giants than the world would be a better place. My only issue with the game is that it makes me want to get more of the little suckers, which conflicts with not having money. Well Played Activision. Well Played.


This is a game that I hold dear because it was one of the few games that makes me appreciate them as an artistic medium. When I played Dear Esther (the original Source mod) I thought "This is pretty interesting; not my cup of tea but interesting nonetheless". When I first played it, I wasn't really that into it. I then got to the sand slopes and met my first companion, from there we raced down the slopes and were cascading through the air every time we jumped. It was fucking incredible because it made me form this connection with a person I knew nothing about. With that said, it made me feel kind of sad when I lost said companion. It says something about a game that can make me feel this strongly about something, but back to why it's on the list. The reason it's here is because it's the only game that makes me feel like I was on an actual journey. I went through hardships in the form of losing companions, I overcame obstacles and felt like I had accomplished something in reaching the light at the mountain. Lastly, the soundtrack is flipping amazing. Go buy it on iTunes if it's there.

League of Legends

If you had asked me what any of the following in terms meant this time last year: Jungling, Laning, Solo Mid/Top, AD Carry, Support, Last Hitting, and the like, I would've assumed you were talking some kind of forgotten alien language and was giving a detailed explanation about your race's invasion plans. But after a series of attempts to try to get into it, everything clicked when I found a champion (playable character) that worked with me and my play style (said Champion was graves for those wondering). Since then I haven't looked back, and even as a free to play game; it feels balanced enough that you can not own any champions and still be competitive and as someone who not only can seen the potential for art in games, but also the potential nature of competitive play; competitive League of Legends can be thrilling to both as a spectator sport and as a means of competition. It's also the free to play game that I've spent the most money on. Ever. Don't judge me.

Borderlands 2

I like Borderlands 2 a lot. As in "Beat the game twice on two separate characters and buy the Season Pass" a lot. A lot of this has to do with what I mentioned in the Torchlight 2 part of the post: It takes what worked about the original and made it better, while at the same time adding some new features like a trading system (Thank You Based Gearbox). The stand out feature of the game would be the writing headed by "Hey Ash Watcha Playin' ?" co-creator Anthony Burch, which features a lot of Adult Swim style humour that aids in making the game more of an Affectionate Parody than anything done in the first game. He's also responsible for spawning my one of my favourite antagonists in a game since GLaDOS: Handsome Jack. He does the best thing a villain can do in my eyes: Be likeable in a way without making me feel bad about having to waste him when it's all over. His voice with an internet connection mentality made it so that I could see how much of a raving loon he was while at the same time making me want to kill him that much more. On the flip side: Constructors can eat a bag of dicks because they're the worst enemy in that game.

So there's my games of 2012. Weird list isn't
it ? There are some games that I left off of there because reasons: Mass Effect 3 because of me technically never finishing it and all of the DLC stuff for the single player striking me as "Hey, let's try to fix out story, guys", but it kind of hurts me a little. I left off the Walking Dead because at the time of writing it was still a technical mess (The save bug is the main thing keeping me from playing it). And lastly, I left off X-Com because I never played enough of it to talk about it proper. But with that out of the way, I say this: Bring on 2013.

SOURCES (All images found through Google Image Search)





-   read

6:07 PM on 03.20.2010

BlazBlue Continuum Shift OST on YouTube, is also amazing

Hello, Destructoid ! I would've posted a blog sooner, but what with the whole birthday love going around I'd figure I'd wait. As it turns out I was right. Also, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NIERO! Now that I got that out of the way, as the title of this blog entails, as I was browsing YouTube out of boredom an hour ago, I found the entire soundtrack for BlazBlue Continuum Shift and gave it a listen and its AWESOME. I (unfortunately) never played Calamity Trigger myself, but I plan on getting Continuum Shift ( read:not be an idiot ) Here's some of the music I found for your listening pleasure Enjoy

Sounds like something outta Guilty Gear XX

Classy, with a dash of Im'ma beat yo ass

Play this in the background, and your urge to troll will increase tenfold

Hope you liked it and Thank you for allowing me to waste your time !

Note: I know this is decidedly Hazama focused but can you blame me he seems badass !

Micheal Jackson would've been proud   read

1:37 PM on 03.12.2010


Blastoise is like a TANK.

These are NOT my words, I swear

Tanks have armor, Blastoise's shell is like armor

Tanks are slow, but Blastoise is slow ON LAND

Tanks are feared for their raw,destructive power. Blastoise is feared for the fact that he's a


And to top it all off, THEY GOT CANNONS MOTHER EFFAS !
These reasons are why Blastoise is the best Pokemon ever. Do no dispute these facts, for they are SCIENCE !

To apologize for the Tank picture

P.S I'll set up a proper C-blog later to make up for this   read

7:14 AM on 01.02.2010

So...I've been here for almost a year

Here's to one year, and many more

Sh!t, it has been a while since I did one of these, my last one was *checks last entry* Sweet Fudgemonkeys, in August. Oh well, better late than never I suppose. I haven't written a c-blog in such a long while because I haven't had anything smart, witty and/or funny say, and I'm still kind of anti-social. But As I've seen the site grow over the last year, I really didn't get involved until 2 months ago. Since I feel like I'm in a reminiscing mood, I could give you a recap assuming you haven't clicked on something else, so, WIGGLY SCREEN EFFECT ACTIVATE !

I found Destructoid through GameTrailers when they started to post Hey Ash Watcha Playin' on the front page. After seeing the episode on Left 4 Dead, I was sold on it and kept watching. I noticed the website's address at the bottom of the screen so I typed it in and the rest is history right ? Nope there's more to my origin story than that, and here it is. I originally used to frequent because I freakin' loved the place and it will forever hold a special place in my gaming heart for one reason : Greenspeak made me care about video games again. I say this because I was at a point in my life that I was starting to grow away from the medium and was a little embarrassed to admit that I liked games. I was about to pack it in forever, but my brother showed me the Greenspeak article in either GFW or EGM ( can't remember which one), I don't remember the gist of it, but it was both hilarious and insightful.

It single handedly reignited my love of gaming and got to start frequenting their website until...The Day of Reckoning. It was around this time last year, and when I found out about UGO buying 1up, I kinda got scared, and rightly so. I learned of the layoffs and it meant no more 1up FM or 1up Show, which I was using to cope for the loss of GFW Radio ( which was awesome, and if you find a torrent I highly recommend you download it ). I'm still kinda hurtin' but *slaps self in the face with a trout* , okay starting to get a little emo, needless to say, I found Destructoid's Podcasts and while not as good as GFW Radio, were awesome in their own way. More on that later.

Good Night Sweet Prince

Now for a list of reasons as to why I stay here:

Friday Night Fights: This stretches back to the start of my stint here, hell this is how I got the bulk of my friends list on PSN. Now that I've graduated participant to host, shit is just even more fun. Funny little story from last night: I was playin' Modern Warfare 2 with the gents and Elsa, I was in a random fervor because Black Nexus wouldn't stop doing "Marco Polo" whenever he sniped me. When I finally killed him I said "You just got Falcon raped". Thankfully Y0j1mb0 wasn't there to hear it or he never would've let me live it down. They made fun of me for the rest of the night. Its stuff like that is why I love you guys.

Podcasts: As you've probably already figured out, I loved the old 1up podcasts and have been looking of a good replacement. Podtiod is good ( Especially 129 ), but Failcast is just awesome because they focus on the community...and bash Necros which is hilarious, same with 321GoCast, and please come back Retoforce GO! Sorry for not being in-depth, lost my train of thought

IRC: Is the shit, and you should all try to get in because some of the shit that goes down in there is awesome and Hilarious.

Well, as you can tell, I'm running out of shit to say, so I now leave you with some Queen


PS: Thank You for allowing me to waste your time !   read

5:19 PM on 08.04.2009

A Comrade Returns ( Also, Gaming/Life Update)

What's Poppin' DToid ? For those who don't know I'm FalconReaper. For those that have been wondering where I've been, I'll get back to you guys. For those that don't care, why the heck are you reading this when you could be doing something more worthwhile with your time? Oh, right, reason why I've pretty much been invisible on the c-blogs for over a month, I failed 12th grade English. I pretty much fail for mentioning that, I mean how can you fail one of the easiest subjects in the school curriculum? Laziness on my part, also had to go to summer school, blah, blah, blah. OK, I'm getting sidetracked.

In the one month span between my last blog and now, a lot of shit went down. Namely, the release of Dtoid favorite BlazBlue, which is awesome and started something of a Renaissance for fighting games as of late, the impending release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PSN, and me having an epiphany about what I want to be doing for the rest of my life somewhere down the line with a movie worthy heartfelt moment with a family member crammed in for good measure. Also, my brother got a MacBook Pro and a free iPod Touch. And since he needs it for school, he let me have his computer for the next year. But I've also been playing a shit ton of games at that, and now that the random life update is over on to the more exciting gaming update.

What Games I've been Playing

Super Punch-Out!!

Three of the Toughest Bastards I've ever faced

I've never been much of a boxing fan myself ( mostly because when I tried to go against my brother, I typically wussed out), but you don't really need much knowledge of the sport to have a ton of fun with this game. It basically improves upon the formula, without changing what made it great in the first place. More crazy characters? Check. New Gameplay Elements? Check. Hard as Hell ? You'd bet your Lobster Milkshake on it, pal ! With a challenge popping up as early the 2nd half of the Minor Circuit, I was impressed and frustrated with the amount of patterns needed to topple the opponents and if you are lucky, this might happen


Golden Sun

One Word: Epic.

I love this game. Its as simple as that. Its got every thing you want in a great RPG. It has a good story, good characters, an awesome battle system, great music and it looked great to boot. One of the best parts was the Djinn System. You see, the Djinn are these elemental spirits that give you all these sweet powers and could be mixed and matched to make different classes and magic. Short form : they're basically a cross between Pokemon and the Espers from Final Fantasy 6. I say this because they have to be found throughout the world and they also let you use summons, some of which are awesome like Thor. Yes, you can summon the frakking Norse God of Thunder to waste your enemies.

OK, I'm obviously playing much more than this but my memory is drawing a blank, so I'm stopping, hope you appreciated the read and Thank you for allowing me to waste you time.


Also, does anyone else think this sounds like Japanese Death Metal with English lyrics?   read

8:24 AM on 06.28.2009

A New Challenger Draws Near ! (shortblog)

As a worthy opponent

Howdy. For those of you who have been keeping tabs on me (that would only be two or three of you), I've decided to forgo this week's Boss Files( My C-Blog Series) in favor of re-honing my skills ( or lack thereof ) in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. In the past, I've battled both Haxan and Y0j1mb0 ( with limited success ), and now that I've got a few victories under my belt, I felt that it was high time to see what Destructoid has to offer. I'll be taking any and all challengers of all skill levels under a few conditions :

1. You need to have a PSN ID ( 360 red-ringed)

2. You gotta have the game ( obviously )

3. If you want to challenge me, send me a message through PSN. My PSN ID is FalconReaper ( spelled like this)

Those are the only conditions I've got for my challenge. I'll be available from 7-9 pm EST and all day on weekends for the month.

That's all for the challenge and I'll see you on the battlefields !

Pic unrelated, but awesome in my book

P.S Thank you for allowing me to waste your time !   read

8:11 PM on 06.20.2009

Boss Files # 8 - Interstellar Horrors Edition

Hola. There comes a time in every gamer's life where they gotta admit they're afraid of something. I myself am no different. In fact, I think I might as well be the biggest coward I know, because I (figuratively) almost shat myself when confronted with Bald Bull ( See last entry), and now I got a few new problems of my own.

To be honest I could tell you guys how Mr.Sandman gave me trouble in Super Punch Out !! or spend the next hour and a half bitching about how Aran Ryan is the biggest douchebag I've ever had the displeasure of going toe to toe with, I'm gonna get nostalgic on everybody's asses this week and recount an experience I had with one my favorite games of last year Dead Space. ALSO, SPOILERS

You know I'll be honest with you guys, the Survival-Horror genre of games has never really been my can of soda. I myself am more accustomed staring my enemies in the eye and pray they don't shove weapon down my throat ( or other less wholesome and more painful orifices if you catch my drift). The other, less retarded reason is the fact that I don't take sheer balls-to-the-wall mind fuckery very well, which is the main reason why I've avoided the Silent Hill series like the plague. Okay, the exposition been going on for too long, let's get started.

The set up for the Dead Space monstrosity I'm talking about tonight kiddies goes as such. You are Engineer Issac Clarke ( a clever reference to two of my favorite sci fi authors). You've been told by your incredibly bitchy computer expert that The Necromorphs ( the undead monster things that are on the ship) have created a habitability change that's good for them and bad for everything else. The origin of the of: the Food Storage container in the Hydroponics deck of the ship. She has you go back to the godforsaken Medical Deck of the ship and create a poison the kill the organism that moved into Hydroponics. When your about to do that, you run into friendly neighborhood psycho Doctor Challus Mercer. Think Father Grigori from Hal-Life 2, except crazier, and not trying to help you, oh and he also sicks a mutant Necromorph after you.

Boss: The Hunter

To be perfectly honest, I first felt sorry for the dumb freak of nature. It's basically the result of Mercer's tissue regeneration experiments and the Necromorph infection hitting a live human being ( as indicated in the audio log where you hear the poor bastard screaming in the background), but that still didn't give it the excuse to try and gut me. As you can probably tell, it has the ability to regrow its lost limbs when dismembered. This is the first time the game tells you that running the fuck away is a viable option for survival this time ( as well as using the "idiot button"). It not a conventional battle in he sense that you fight it, but more like it stalks you for the whole level while you try to do your objectives.

As annoying as this sounds, try doing it while there's no oxygen, got multiple enemies on your tail, and have limited health. After being chased for a bit, you pretty much get the idea to lure the thing to the cryo storage room and freeze it solid, but Mercer being the resourceful bastard he is, thaws it out and sends it after you again. Soon, you'll just be saying fuck it and try to kill this

Yeah, you're gonna gonna kill it by disintegrating it with the shuttle's test thruster, thus killing it faster than the stupid thing can regenerate. The end result of it is a pile of ashes and a power node for your troubles.

That's It for now. I managed to get all of my exams done (aka 12th grade is hard ) so you are gonna be seeing a lot more of me around here in the near future

P.S Thank You for allowing me to waste your time   read

8:21 PM on 06.13.2009

Boss Files #7 - Wrath of the Bull Edition

What's poppin' ? For those of you who have been keeping track of me ( which would only be a few of you ) I haven't been able to post in a because I've been busy prepping for finals at school so I've taken time out of my schedule to do a quick entry in the Boss Files. Since my current gen consoles have been going through the Frankenstein process of being brought back to life, I jacked my friend's SNES and all of his games (actually he outright asked me if I wanted them and I said yes) which have given me the time to streamline pure uncut nostalgia to my eyeballs as well as play some true gems I missed out on the first time around such as Earthbound. But the subject of this entry being Super Punch-Out!! I'm gonna talked about the latest pain in my ass.

I've heard that the Punch-Out!! Series was known for being notoriously difficult, so I gave it a shot. After making a punching bag out of Gabby Jay and Bear Hugger, I battled the formidable Piston Hurricane, who’s basically Piston Honda in terms of his move set. After breaking his virtual jaw, I was on my way to the title bout. When I got there I basically shat myself in fear for one reason...

Boss: Bald Bull

I've heard of Bald Bull mostly from gamers who had enough courage to play and beat the original Punch-Out on the NES (which I'm playing through on friend's Virtual Console and am stuck on Great Tiger and his god damned Mirage Dance attack), and the exaggerated stories of his difficulty pretty much ( with the help of the internet) pushed him into Gaming Urban Legend territory, and when something like that happens, I tend to be highly skeptical. When I actually got to the fight, let's just say I was seeing two of everything for a good 10 minutes.

Being a pro boxer can be tough sometimes as indicated b Bald Bull's history. After getting his ass handed to him by Little Mac, he was dropped all the way back to the Minor Circuit, but was still good enough to be crowned the Champion. When I first fought him, I was paralyzed. I couldn't think straight because the fear I was skeptical of had washed over me like the tides coming in. That time I was basically just trying to survive and hopefully win by decision. His punches and uppercuts were bad alone, but what was truly horrific was the Bull Charge. Its essentially his ace in the hole for when fights have either dragged on for too long or to just put you out of your misery.

I'm almost kind of ashamed that I'm afraid of a video game character whose name doesn't rhyme with Pyramid Head. But I realized that his reputation was well earned. I trained and came back for a rematch that kinda went like this

An artist's kickass depiction of my epic rematch with Bald Bull

After learning his patterns there was noting for me to be afraid of. I also know how to stop his Bull Charge dead in its tracks. just a simple punch to the gut on his third hop. WTF!!! Why didn't anyone tell me this! Granted, I found out about the Bull Charge's Achilles' Heel after I barely beat him and it would have been a helluva lot less satisfying if I wussed out and went to GameFAQS for answers. This was a battle that was whatever the gaming equivalent of David and Goliath was. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, more like the match between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston (Liked the boxing reference?) The bull had his payback coming for a while now and now I close with this


P.S Thank you for allowing me to waste your time.   read

8:01 AM on 05.30.2009

Boss Files #6 - New Format Test Edition

What's Poppin' ? Again as you can tell by the title, I'm gonna be testing a new format for my features. I got the idea for this from a suggestion from Y0j1mb0 ( and later my brother after he read the last entry of the Boss Files ), so I'm gonna see how going in-depth on just one boss, in stead of the usual Smorgasbord of bosses can make for a better detail filled blog. So before I get underway I'd like to say I apologize in advance for any future failures. Also : SPOILER WARNING !

Boss: Xigbar : The Free Shooter

I figured I might as well keep my Organization XIII round up going by filing Xigbar under the newly created category of " Gun Totting Maniacs " for obvious reasons. Despite being the Organization's No.2 , he prefers to do more of a hands on approach in his acts of unspeakable evil compared to the rest of the founding members of the Organization. As a result of this, he has a somewhat laid back personality. But when the time calls for it, He will seriously kick your ass. No joke.

After a series of encounters with him, you eventually battle him at The Organization's headquarters: The Castle That Never Was.After calling Sora a "traitor" for something Roxas did, but I honestly don't remember, he whips out his weapons, jumps down and the battle Starts.

The Battle begins by Xigbar going into a sniper mode ( Fun Fact: In the Japanese version of the game, he sticks both of his guns together to create a makeshift sniper rifle, as opposed to the North American and PAL versions, where he simply spins them and uses one as a balance) which allows him to attack from a distance. If you time it right, you can deflect his shots and send him down to the ground level. But you gonna be in for a surprise.

The reason why I say surprise is because of his powers. He has the ability to control the very fabric of Space, typically displayed by him walking and standing upside down in mid-air, coupled with his constant teleportation throughout the fight. His attacks basically consist of just shooting his energy pistols at you, no melee attacks whatsoever with him. It his powers that made this battle so aggravating. His Power over space isn't limited to just teleporting, he can warp the very arena to suit his needs, and totally disregard yours.

Later on in the fight, he'll fire a charged, much more powerful ricocheting energy blast (which can be deflected), psychically send his guns to different parts of the arena and blast you. Finally, he'll use his OOSA (Obligatory Overpowered Super Attack) which consists of the bastard pulling of some gun play acrobatics that looks like it was choreographed by John Woo. Avoid all of his shots and you will defeat the Free Shooter, Grasshopper. Also Here's a video for those to lazy to read


Thank you for reading, I hope you like the new format.

P.s Thank you for allowing me to wast your time.   read

1:38 PM on 05.17.2009

Boss Files #5 - I'M BACK Edition! (Organization XIII Round Up Pt.1 Too)

Hey There, Destructoid! As you can tell this is my welcome back edition. After a one week hiatus (broken consoles and whatnot), I've turned to my PS2 (Which I now refer to as "Old Reliable")for the next few entries of the series. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series' in gaming for a few reasons, The Organization being one of them. I'll admit that they are an interesting set of villains to say the least, and the next two or three posts are gonna be devoted to them entirely.

I'm gonna keep the explanation short because I'd be going on for hours if I went in depth: The Heartless are what happens when someone 's heart gets overwhelmed by the darkness, but the second game added the fact that the body will act independently of the heart afterward and called a Nobody (get it). The members of the Organization are simply the most powerful of the Nobodies who've managed to retain their human forms with minor physical changes. I could go more in depth, but I'd honestly be wasting your time. So, Let's get Started! Also:SPOILER WARNING ! SPOILER WARNING ! SPOILER WARNING !!!!

Boss: Xaldin:The Whirlwind Lancer

First up in the round up is Xaldin. He's the Organization's #3 (they are ranked upon when the joined) and is first seen in the Beast's Castle trying to turn the Beast to the darkness. He's an incredibly sadistic bastard ( not as much as Larxene though ) as well as being a highly skilled warrior. As you can tell from the title, he has the ability to use the power of wind to attack his enemies and six dragon shaped lances to boot (if you saw the picture and read the title, you probably would have already known that and I basically wasted time and a sentence explaining this shit).

The battle with Xaldin itself is one of both exhilaration and frustration. He'll use various forms of melee attacks and wind based magic to try and counter you. His basics include a simple lunge forward with the lances, the Wind Scar attack, in which all of the lances form a protective cage around him, firing a sphere of energy after combining the lances for the standard mix of attacks. They all do serious damage and if you not careful, Xaldin can typically make short work of you. But, he'll typically have several openings that you can use to your advantage.Like the Dragoon nobodies, he'll give chances to use the Learn reaction command (these can be stockpiled and abused throughout the fight).

After beating him up little, he'll use much more aggravatingly difficult to avoid moves. He'll frequently jump into the air and throw his lances at you and finish by coming down like a comet, and the, wait for it, wait for it, the OOSA (Obligatory Overpowered Super Attack), which consists of him starting a killer lance combo, then transitions to his lance turning into a dragon like creature that he rides on, and finishes with lance dragon shooting a giant tornado blast at you. I've winded on long enough just memorize his attack patterns and dodge and you'll be fine.

Boss: Saix: The Luna Diviner

I don't know why, but this picture just screams Badass

Ah, Saix. I'll admit this you were a formidable adversary. He's the Organization's #7 and apparent second in command, meaning he's second only to Xemnas in terms of intellegence, power and influence and emptiness. The reason why I say emptiness is because the guy is the most emotionless prick I've ever seen in a video game. Because of this, he's perpetually calm, ruthless, and brutally efficient in his objectives. But, its all a lie! DUN DUN DUUUUUHHH ! ( You probably already knew that since it contradicts the Nobody philosophy of the whole faking emotions bit) Beneath his calm exterior belies a core of savagery which is seen in the below Pic

I don't know why, but this picture just screams I'm gonna rip you face off!

That rage is the result of his power. He has control over the power of the moon and draws his power from the same way a Kryptoninan gets superpowers from a yellow sun. The berserk mode is essentially his crutch that he'll abuse over and over in the battle. His attacks consist of shock waves, throwing is claymore, and simple combos. The battle for the most part is just him standing around absorbing enough moonlight to go berserk.

That's it for the first part of the Organization round up. I apologize for keeping the info on Saix short, I just felt like I was dragging on with Xaldin that I had to keep it succinct.

Also, if Mikey is reading this (I doubt it) watch this video, it'll give you a good idea of what kind of power a reaper truly has, and will be well suited for when I'm in the Destructoid comic ( again I doubt it).
PS. Thank you for allowing me to waste your time

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6:39 AM on 05.10.2009

No Boss Files This Week because Technology Hates Me, Also Game Suggeestions (kind of game related)

Hello, readers. As you can tell by the picture of the red Ring of Death (and the title of the post if your uncreative), then this means there ain't gonna be an entry in my series Boss files this week because (again as noted in the title) technology hates me. The main reason why I say this is because as indicated in my last post, my PS3 died. So I recently sent it back to Sony to get it repaired ( thankfully, I was smart enough to remember to get my hard drive out of it). Then as a cherry on top of the shit flavored sundae, my Xbox 360 gets hit with the RROD a few hours later.

As enraged as I was, I decided to let bygones be bygones and tried to find some amazing old games from the PS2 days I missed the first time around. Since I'm incredibly paranoid about online shopping and the games I'm looking for probably aren't in stores these days, I'm just gonna ask, Are There any good DS games out there Other than The World Ends with You (I've been trying to get that one for a while now), and anyone know where I can get copies of Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 3, Okami, and Killer 7 cheap?
(I know this question belongs in the forums, and I fail for that, but its something that had to be asked)   read

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