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Faith's blog

3:36 PM on 10.07.2010

Mama will fix it! More Pixel Art

My entry into the Craftster Cooking Mama pixel art challenge. If I win I could get some cool Cooking Mama games. Voting starts tomorrow - I hope I do well.

The contest is pretty cool - check it out here   read

11:47 AM on 10.07.2010

Ready to Take Over the World with Tentacles and Pirates!

So I've been working on a few things this week between homework and actually school. I managed to make an actual Purple Tentacle for myself with arms this time. Naughty little guy needs those in order to take over the world.

Also I tried my hand as some freestyle painting - I again used my favorite Purple Tentacle as my subject. It turned out pretty good for a free try. Willing to sell to a good home.

Also I decided to sell Guybrush and Stan from Monkey Island to a good home. I added them to my Etsy store today. They are pre-made and ready to ship out to the first buyer. Listed here

I hope to finish Dr. Fred and the Green Tentacle this weekend if I have time.

Don't forgot to check out my shop Pixelated Creations for all my final items.   read

7:00 PM on 09.23.2010

Day of the Tentacle Bead Art

Today I finished one more piece in my Day of the Tentacle project - Hoagie.

I have Bernard and Laverne complete and I've made the Purple Tentacle in the past but I have to remake him for myself. I also have to make Dr. Fred and the Green Tentacle in order to have the complete set I want to frame.

I've been putting off this project for a long time but I hope to finish it real soon. The pieces are quite big, so framing will be expensive. I plan on hunting for a nice big frame in a thrift shop and reworking it for these pieces, instead of buying a new one.

Once I'm done with these, I then plan to finish my Monkey Island project and frame that. I have Guybrush and Stan complete so far.   read

4:14 PM on 09.21.2010

Pixelated Creations - Going Out of Business Sale

So I'm going back to school right now and unfortunately I just don't have the time to keep my craft store going anymore, so I'm selling off all the items I have pre-made. Most of the items are posted in my store but do to copyright issues, I can't have everything posted on Etsy. If you are interested in anything I have Pac-man or Pokemon wise, please contact me directly to make purchase arrangements.

Here are just a few items I have for sale:

Earthworm Jim - $8

Baby Girl - Princess Peach Frame - $10

Legend of Zelda Keepsake Box - $8

Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble - Magnet Set - $8

Mew from Pokemon Bead Art - $6

Pac-Man Picture Frame - $8.00

Maxwell from Scribblenauts - $8.00

Check out more of my items on my store - Pixelated Creations

Keep in mind - shipping prices can be combined and I'm willing to discount on big orders. I basically want to sell all my stuff - so prices are not set in stone.   read

7:42 PM on 06.02.2010

Mario and Peach - Lovers in Bead Art

I finally ironed Peach and Mario and they are pretty much spoken for. I just have to fix them to the background. Not sure what I plan to put on the background canvas but the customer wants a icon from SMB3. I was thinking maybe the castle?

This is a cute controller design I found. I decided to make it in bead form.

I have a customer waiting on Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country.

Hope everyone likes these. I wish I had new items for sale but I thought everyone could at least see what I've been working on.   read

11:22 AM on 05.21.2010

Review: Final Fantasy XIII

I have been a long time fan of Square Enix products since the early days when they were known as Squaresoft and produced amazing games like Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. However lately I have felt like the magical goose that once laid the golden eggs has since dried up and can barely produce a normal egg let alone a golden one anymore. I use to anticipate every game that came out of Square Enixís roster but now I find their games feel broken and rushed.

The best example would be Final Fantasy XIII, the newest instalment in a once amazing franchise which now feels like an once proud show dog which has been over breed and cross breed with any dog that would sleep with it in order to produce various new Final Fantasy prequels, sequels, off-shoots and re-makes. Ultimately though Square Enix has just ended up with a bunch of sick and retarded puppies that no one wants like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or the new Final Fantasy XIII which they revamped into some strange, overly JRPG tale that barely resembles the FF games we know and love. As the saying goes, ff it ainít broken then donít fix it and Final Fantasy X and XII werenít broken, so why on Godís Green Earth did you stray from the winning formula and come up with this piece of crap?

Basically Final Fantasy XIII (try to keep up with this plot) has you following both Lightening and Sazh who are rushing to save Serah, Lighteningís sister from the falíCie who have turned her into an IíCie. IíCie are people who are marked with a focus; a vague task they must complete and if they do not complete this task within a certain amount of time, they will turn into crystal statues. Along the way, they pick up various team members, Snow, Vanille and Hope; people will similar ideals who all join in the fight against the falíCie. Unfortunately in their fight against the falíCie, the team becomes IíCie too, and must figure out and complete their focus before it is too late. Meanwhile there is also a purge going on of all the local people which is adding to the fun of your surroundings.

If you manage to follow along with the storyline and not get confused beyond belief, then get ready for more boring fun. While past Final Fantasy games tend to give you at least a sense of freedom with an open world map, this game will never show you anything more than one long map to keep running through. You will never find a town to explore full of quaint little people that say the same thing over and over again or find a cute little airship to take over and explore your world. NOTHING, NADA! You are stuck following linear maps for most of the game and if you want to level up in order to handle new higher level enemies then you have to back track to do so. There are some side quests that pop up later on in the game but by this point, you are so use to 2 walls on either side, you really donít care.

The characters will eventually have to you bashing your head into a wall with their annoying attitudes and even more annoying dialogs. I personally wanted to stab Hope through the eye with a pencil as he whines more than my youngest nephew and heís a baby Ė heís suppose to cry. I found it incredibly hard to believe that this little mommyís boy was going to help save the world from the falície because he can barely function without his dead Mother. I think the only character I liked was Sazh and his little Chocobo which lives in his afro but he seems the most out of place amongst all these people. He was too normal and too cool to be hanging out in a JRPG story. Overall everything character besides Sazh was either too depressed, angry or upbeat which made the game comparable to a bad anime movie.

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, you have little control over your team members during battle which makes strategy and preparation very important. Instead of choosing your battle commands before each round during battle, you instead pick battle roles for yourself and team members and then your team members will automatically pick the most proper command for that moment from their list of techniques. Roles include a fighter type, magic type, effects type, protector type and healer type. You will have control over your main character at all times but you will only have access to their current role commands as well as your general item selection and role switch command which is why multiple role combos is important. If you diversify your roles throughout your battle, your party will live longer and kill faster with the use of effects and protector roles.

Each role type has various commands and status upgrades you can unlock with CP points you gain during battle. Upgrades are done through the Crystarium which is very much like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X except that each role for each character has a different Crystarium. You can also upgrade items like weapons and accessories with random item parts you find during battle. You donít find this out until the 4th Chapter and I had sold most of my parts by this point because the game doesnít give you a lot of gold. I was mad to find this out so late in the game because parts are hard to find. Maybe if monsters actually dropped gold like in previous games I wouldnít have sold the parts though.

I honestly think the only reason I kept playing this game is to find out if the storyline gets any better because I wasnít happy with anything in this game beside the usual amazing graphics and sound. Square Enix does always make pretty games and I was blown away with the great use of contrast with Cocoonís perfect crystal world and Pulseís junky and grungy surface world. The characters continue to look more and more like real human beings with every new game.

Created by Masashi Hamauzu who also scored Dirge of Cereberus, Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack features a song from Leona Lewis, ďMy HandsĒ and it is quite beautiful. I donít think anything will be quite as cool as the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack which I still groove in my car to but I think overall this soundtrack is tranquil and franchise worthy.

2 years is a long time to wait for a disappointment and now all I can think about is Kingdom Hearts 3 and how they could screw that up too. Considering what a bastard child Kingdom Heart: 358/2 days was it is a possibly. I hate to be cruel to a company whom I loved and relied on for so long for awesome games but they just have to learn to stop messing around with their bread and butter franchises. Final Fantasy wasnít broken so why in Godís name did you try change it? I want my good game company back!

Rating: 6 out of 10   read

3:33 PM on 05.10.2010

Bead Art: Crazy Med Students, Worms and Mighty Pirates

I've been at the bead grids again and this is what I've come up with ....

I am Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate. Guybrush from Secret of Monkey Island

Wanna buy a boat? Stan from Secret of Monkey Island

Laverne from Day of the Tentacle

Earthworm Jim - Card Gallery version

Princess Peach [unfinished] - Card Gallery version

I plan to make Mario next to keep Princess Peach company.

Nothing here is in my store but they are always available for sale. Just contact me.   read

9:08 AM on 05.03.2010

Back with More Pixelated Creations

I haven't post any of my art in a long time and I thought today would be good as any. I've been experimenting with a lot of pixel art pieces from this site - Card Gallery Tales. And while I think the pieces look amazing, nothing has sold yet in my store. Boo.

Link and Navi

Prince from Katamari Damacy



I have also been making new items for customers like Ghost Pirate LeChuck from Monkey Island 1 and Kratos. LeChuck glows in the dark.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck


I also created some new tiny key chains in the form of a Gameboy, Super Nintendo controller and Joystick.

Gameboy Key Chain

Joystick Key Chain

Super Nintendo Key Chain

Finally I made purple tentacle from Maniac Mansion.

Purple Tentacle

Some of these items are available in my store, Pixelated Creations right now but others have a bigger destiny like Spiderman or Link for example. I plan to make a bigger art piece with them which includes a friend or two. But custom requests are always available, so don't hesitate to ask for items if you don't see them listed.   read

3:16 PM on 03.22.2010

Best Day Ever - Interview with Bruce Campbell

I take back everything bad I ever said about Bruce Campbell as he does keep his word - he just takes a long time to fulfill it.

Finally after a long wait, I have my interview with Bruce Campbell and here's you will find it over at The Girl We talk Evil Dead 4, Twitter, World of Warcraft: the Movie and more.

As a writer and fan of Bruce Campbell, this is probably the ultimate story for me - I couldn't be any happier today, so if I die in a car crash on the way to my mom's house this day - note that I died happy.

-- Link Fixed --   read

9:09 AM on 02.05.2010

May I Sell You a Bruce?

[UPDATED] So I still have a few items that didn't sell if anyone is still interested:
I have a 15 issue collection of Army of Darkness comics for $20.00 plus shipping.
An Evil Dead 4 issue collection for $10.00.
An Army of Darkness/Xena comic 4 issue collection for $10.00.
And finally an Autolycus figure - mint in box for $10.00.

Let me know if you are interested. [email protected]
[email protected]------------------------------------

I probably should have posted this a little early but I thought my auctions were going to do better on their own. Believe or not, I'm selling most of my Bruce Campbell collection on eBay - an incident with Mr. Campbell himself has caused me to rid my home of all the major Bruce items as I no longer wish to dedicate my life to worshiping an asshole celebrity that has no time for his fans.

So right now (10:13am EST), I have about 5 hours left on my auctions and some items don't even have bids yet, so please if any one is fan - check out the auctions.

I have action figures for sale from Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-tep, Xena, etc. - both big and small
I'm selling the Ash Hero Doll.
I have film cells from Army of Darkness for sale that are framed and mounted.
I have a huge comic book collection for sale - Marvel Zombies, Army of Darkness, Jason vs Freddy vs Ash, Evil Dead, Xena vs Army of Darkness, My Name is Bruce, etc.

All at decent below the original purchase prices, cause honestly I just want them out of my house. If they don't sell on eBay, I will be offering them up privately so if you miss them on eBay and see that they don't sell, then PM me or email me @ [email protected]

Check out the auction here.   read

4:47 PM on 01.04.2010

Faith's Top Ten Best Games of 2009

10. Resident Evil 5

I couldnít start my list without included one of my favourite franchises, Resident Evil. Resident Evil 5 brought back favourites like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker as well as introducing a few new characters and enemies. Resident Evil started our video game love affair with zombies and it will always be as addictive as the T-Virus is infectious. I plan to check out The Darkside Chronicles on the Nintendo Wii very soon.

9. Ghostbusters: the Video Game

This has been a good year for fan boys in the video game industry and Ghostbusters was just one game to proof that fact. Picking up where the 2nd movie left off, the excellent story line will bring you back into the world of the Ghostbusters as if you never left, and the excellent voice-over work of the original movie cast and funny humour of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis doesnít the nostalgia factor either.

8. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Who knew all my knowledge of logic puzzles would finally pay off in video games? Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, the sequel to the highly cool Professor Layton and the Curious Village, will have you using brain cells you didnít know you had in order to solve all its many logic puzzles and dark mysteries. Only Nintendo could make learning this fun and addicting. Kudos to the Professor and his assistant on another excellent game and hopefully weíll see another one of your sequels come to our shores next year.

7. Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time

This was truly a year of new game experiences for me and one of those experiences was my first real Ratchet and Clank game. So many franchises donít survive to see their next generation of consoles or if they do, they live on a series of failed titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, but Ratchet and Clank is now on their 3rd generation console and they are still rocking the platforming genre. Youíll love this dynamic duo and their crazy arsenal of weapons and gadgets. Bonus points for the awesome weapons commercials shown in the game.

6. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Like a blast from the past, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii is like playing Super Mario Bros. 3 all over again with a shiny new coat of paint. With a new power-up suits and multiplayer modes, itís time venture forth into the Mushroom Kingdom with the brothers and save the Princess again. Hopefully sheís not in another castle this time.

5. Halo 3: ODST Ė Xbox 360

I have to give high props to the first Halo FPS that managed to grab my attention. Halo 3: ODSTís film noir style story line and all-star voice cast made this a fabulous game to kill a Sunday afternoon with. Sure, the campaign mode might be short but youíll have Firefight mode afterwards to fill the void as well as the second disc full of Halo 3 multiplayer maps if you donít already own them all. I plan to go back and finish the fight this winter with the first 3 Halo games now that this game has shown me what Iíve been missing.

4. Borderlands Ė Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

Imagine Fallout 3 Ė take out all the extreme walking times between missions, add a 4 player co-op mode and injected some wicked humour and you have Borderlands. This futuristic Mad Max like role-playing game will have you and your friends addicted to its vast landscapes, cool weapons and freaky looking enemies. Fallout 3ís vault will be a thing of the past and Pandoraís legendary vault will be all you can think about all.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum Ė Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

Batman: Arkham Asylum couldnít have been a more perfect Batman video game and it was hard not to put this game higher on the list after all the crappy games we Batman fans have suffered through over the years, but honestly I canít let my fan girl love of the Dark Knight affect my decisions. While Batman: Arkham Asylum did sport one of the best storyline lines, amazing game play and one of the best voice-over casts possible, the short ending, crappy Riddler reward and a few other issues kept this game at the number 3 spot.

2. Assassinís Creed 2 Ė Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

From the breath-taking digital recreation of Renaissance Italy to Ezioís amazing killer moves, Assassinís Creed will have you loving every minute of this sequel to the Assassinís Creed franchise. You will be drawn into the story line here and once thatís complete, the side quests and item collection will keep the major perfectionists out there busy. This was an amazing follow-up to Assassinís Creed which only improved upon the franchise and I canít wait to check out the first DLC in February.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Playstation 3

If you need a reason to purchase a Playstation 3, this Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is it. Heart stopping action, eye popping graphics and interactive game play unlike anything Iíve ever seen. The developers at Naughty Dog have set the bar high for what games should be Ė interactive Hollywood blockbusters. While this was an amazing year for games, Uncharted 2 is still the clear winner in my mind as the gameís amazing musical score still tugs at my heart strings and the graphics still blow my mind every time I see them. When my brother-in-law bought his Playstation 3 on Boxing Day this year, this was the first game suggestion that popped out of my mouth as would it be to anyone buying the console.

Honourable Mentions: Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2, Little Kingís Story and Boom Blox Bash Party.

Best Downloadable Games of the Year

1. Tales of Monkey Island: All Episodes Ė PC Game, Wiiware
2. Plants vs. Zombies Ė PC Game
3. Axel & Pixel Ė Xbox 360
4. Machinarium Ė PC Game
5. Shadow Complex Ė Xbox 360

Honourable Mention: Farmville   read

4:22 PM on 12.01.2009

Baby Mario and Luigi Frames - Handmade Gifts Rule!

I'm a little strapped for cash this Christmas, so instead of spending a lot of dough on a ton of store bought presents, I'm making a lot of my gifts instead.

For example, I made these picture frames for my sister. My nephew, Evan is a big gamer and loves Mario games, so I decided it would be cool to make gamer themed picture frames with his name and my other nephew's name, Logan. I figure both my sister and Evan would enjoy them.

I used Baby Mario and Luigi sprites for the themes and customized the frames with their names. The Mario frame is about 2 rows of beads too small to cover the whole frame so I'll have to paint the frame to hide it or add on some beads somehow. Or I just might keep the bad one for me and make a new one for my sister.

With these designs in mind, I plan to make baby shower frames for my store too. A Mario frame for boys and Peach frame for girls. People can customize them with the baby to be's name or I can just make them with It's a Boy or It's a Girl on them.

Demos of those ideas to soon follow.

Also I'm still taking Christmas orders at Pixelated Creations, but I need people to get them in as soon as possible or I won't have them done in time for Christmas. Email me for custom orders - [email protected]   read

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