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Hey there! My name is Fabio Santana, and I'm here to provide you some very vague news, and awful photoshops.

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Earlier today, some news started to flow around like a winter breeze that shook even the strongest of men. A NeoGaf user Rösti found out that the trade mark “Watch Dogs” was filed for a Request for Express Abandonment to the USPTO. Since the game was going to be titled Watch_Dogs, and Ubisoft already had five other trademarks for the game, some people paid no mind. While on the other side of the story, thousands of gamers tore their clothes, ripped their hair out, and proceeded to cancel the days they had requested off to play this game. Fortunately, Ubisoft came out and let us know that this was a fraudulent request that was sent out.

Yves Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft Entertainment, let us know that he in fact had not signed the Request for Express Abandonment, and that Ubisoft had nothing to do with this. The whole Internet is speculating, so why not join along, people? It’s pretty obvious what’s possibly going on here, maybe. A Nintendo fanboy was so enraged about the issues the Wii U is having, and upon the possibility of Watch Dogs being canceled on the Wii U, he decided to become a master hacker by screwing over Ubisoft and create his own Watch Dogs experience since he would never succumb to purchasing a PC, or Console other than one created by Nintendo. No? Who’s to say? Either way, I'm kind of proud of my little Photoshop job right there.

Either way, I’m sure glad this was nothing that was going to break the game into further delay or cancelation. It seems that Ubisoft is working with the USPTO to get everything back in order. Now it’s only a matter of time before we can get our hands on some sweet, not real, non-detrimental in-game hacking. Pick up Watch Dogs on all systems, except the Wii U, maybe, sometime in Spring of 2014, hopefully.

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