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Hey there! My name is Fabio Santana, and I'm here to provide you some very vague news, and awful photoshops.

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9:56 PM on 12.09.2013

Year after year, the Video Game Awards seem to be converting into something a less important than what they should be. As exciting as it is to be able to see game developers get credit for all the hard work they are doing, it feels like all they are really doing is creating a false sense of honor for the developers, mixed with eluded excitement for upcoming games. This year Spike TV decided to take a different approach to the subject, be that for the better or worse.

The VGX Awards ditched their usual fist pumping, neon light blasting, crowd infused show for something much simpler. They didn't really seem to have a good grasp on how the awards should be distributed in turn for the years of hard work each developer put into each game, so they most of the awards just got announced. They didn't even explain why it adopted the name VGX. Even though it was obvious, it was an opportunity for them to explain it, and they blew right past it as if it didn't matter. As a gamer, it was always nice to hear acceptance speeches and see the faces of the award winners. It was completely absent throughout the show. The developers that were there to accept their awards got an awkward hand clap by the video crew which resulted in an incommodious echo and left the developers with a contrived exit. It just all seemed so sad how the work of these people was diminished by the lack of consideration by the event.

The show was all kept together by Geoff Keighley, and ripped apart by Joel McHale. The two worked so uncomfortably together, that it kept putting developers into an uncomfortable position. Mind you, I did enjoy watching Reggie fumble his whole presentation. According to what Reggie from Nintendo said, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is going to be innovative, and it will be the game that pushes them through with success throughout 1Q. It's going to take more than bananas and a tie-wearing ape to convince me that the Wii U is worth the price tag.

The Video Game Awards are supposed to be fun in theory, yet the only comic relief was when Joel would make an ad-libbed and uncalled for comment about the games themselves, which Geoff would either awkwardly laugh to, or completely ignore. This made developers uncomfortable, it made Geoff uncomfortable, and it made the audience feel uncomfortable. They certainly shouldn't have allowed drinks on the set because Joel made it very obvious that he would have rather been literally anywhere else than there.

The constant disrespect for developers by Joel, mixed with the musical performances from musicians featured in GTA V proved that the show had completely lost it's focus for video games. The Odd Future guys are known for not caring at all about anyone, and they proved how idiotic they can be. Watching them interact with the band Wavves made for one of dumbest moments I have ever experienced on a live show. Whoever made the decision to allow those people behind a microphone seriously lost their minds.
With the whole show ditching the the Award event feel, they went in route of doing interviews in which Geoff or Joel would announce, and then have to run over to the set 20 feet away and sit down while the camera wasn't focusing on them. This caused strange transitions, and made the event feel extremely unplanned.

There was some good that came out of this whole joke, though. They presented many new trailers, and announcements for games coming out in the near future. Most of these were a complete waste of time. For instance, The Division is one of the most interesting games to be coming to Next Gen consoles. The trailer delivered was about the new "Snowdrop Engine". As much as I enjoyed watching the watching this, there was no hype behind it whatsoever. There was nothing that made anyone get all hyped up for it. Nothing they presented was worth the 3+ hours of a show. There were more impressive trailers for games released randomly throughout the year that got us more excited than anything that they presented.

The announcements for the Telltale Games merged with Borderlands, and Game of Thrones as two new and separate games was nice to hear, but of them, we saw nothing. The Witcher 3 has a new trailer which was enjoyable, but it was unaccompanied by anything else. Quantum Break got a little demo, but didn't get a better name. Dying Light got a couple minutes for us to view absolutely nothing about the game we didn't already know. We didn't get the developers hyping up their game in person in front of hungry gamers. What we did get was Joel McHale crudely announcing trailers that he obviously had no interest in.

Yet, out of all the terrible things we were forced to watch came the amazing looking game called No Man's Sky which was presented by their very humble developer Sean Murray. The game is being developed by Hello Games, which is the four man studio behind Joe Danger. Joe Danger is in no way indicative of how No Man's Sky will play out. Check out the video below:[font='Helvetica Neue Light',HelveticaNeue-Light,'Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif][/font]

Overall, this was the worst Video Game Awards they have done yet. Next years show, if there even is one, needs to go back to the roots of why they even do this show. They need to remember that without these events, they loose their chance to get millions of gamers excited, and ready to purchase and play new games. But if they keep up the trend, they're going to receive a loss of respect, and a uselessness to the gaming industry.

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