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Hey there! My name is Fabio Santana, and I'm here to provide you some very vague news, and awful photoshops.

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12:07 PM on 05.23.2014

So a couple of weeks ago I was exposed to a video on Vimeo that showcased a wonderful place called Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, a non profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of wolves in need.

To be fair, even trying to sum up what the great people do there would probably be a disservice to them. Wolves are complex, intelligent pack animals that require specialized attention and care that you can’t imagine. That’s why an organization like Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is so important. They step up and provide for these animals what no one else can, in a way that no one else can.

What most people may not realize is that wolves are almost endangered, and that certain species and breeds are almost extinct. Places like Wolf Mountain Sanctuary not only help to rescue wolves that are injured, sick, or unfit for the wild, but they also do everything they can to breed, preserve and protect these noble creatures from disappearing from the world entirely. But Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, like any organization in the world runs on a very real commodity. Money. And sadly there isn’t a lot of awareness of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and their cause.

When we started this site, we envisioned a better destination for gamers, providing completely honest opinions and original features that strayed from the beaten path. We also made an internal dedication that we would use our platform and our voices for good and we intend to do just that.

We are calling all the gamers around the world to action to help Wolf Mountain Sanctuary SAVE THE WOLVES WITH #PROJECTWOLF!


Starting Friday May 23rd Revue Labs is going to launch #PROJECTWOLF a seven day event of streaming, coverage and more dedicated to Wolves, and Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. During this time we are going to strongly encourage our readers, friends, and gamers across the Universe to donate anything that they can to support these gorgeous animals and to use every tool in your gamer arsenal to make people aware of Project | Wolf. Gamers dominate social media, and Twitch TV and we can use these things to bring some BIG awareness to the public about Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and these beautiful animals. So here’s our handy list of ways you can help #PROJECTWOLF

Donate to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (obviously)
Stream on Twitch.TV between May 23rd and May 30th and title your stream “#PROJECTWOLF” and include links to donate (we can provide these)
Tweet about #PROJECTWOLF using hashtag #PROJECTWOLF between May 23rd and May 30th and help us make #PROJECTWOLF trend on Twitter!
Share as many links as you can on Facebook and because hashtags are a thing on there now too… hashtag the crap out of your shared links with hashtag #PROJECTWOLF
Share a link to #PROJECTWOLF on Reddit, or help upvote any Reddit posts about #PROJECTWOLF
Pinterest stuff. I’m not real sure how Pinterest even works, but do things with it.

Come on gamers. We know you can do this. We know WE can do this. We just need to pull together and help our furry friends in the animal kingdom. Without us moments like the picture below wouldn’t be possible.

Follow us on Twitter @revuelabs to get alerts on our Twitch streams, and ways to donate. But either way, come hang out with us!

by Fabio Santana

We have been fortunate enough to be able to receive some of the most influential, and industry changing games from the amazing Amy Hennig. She’s largely popular for her work at Naughty Dog as the creative director on Jak and Daxter, and on a grander scale the Uncharted series. Though, after some seemingly dramatic issues with Naughty Dog, she left the studio in March.

We haven’t heard anything from her since. But today it was announced that Any Hennig would be joining EA’s subsidiary Visceral Games who has been working on a Star Wars title. Since Disney signed EA to a ten year contract, they’ve been busy on several different Star Wars projects.

This is not the first time Hennig has worked at EA. She was there for two year as an artist in 1990, and then moved on to Crystal Dynamics in 1995. She then made her big landing in the industry at Naughty Dog in 2004.

Any developing team would be fortunate to have Hennig, but “what really excited her about this opportunity (because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars. Amy’s a huge fan” said Visceral Games’ Vice President Steve Papoutsis. You can sense her level of excitement on her Twitter page.

Even though Hennig’s role hasn’t been announced, yet they seem to be just as excited over at Visceral Games about having her on the team. “This fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to do here at Visceral and Amy’s going to help us continue in our pursuit to make the most thrilling, immersive games in the world” continued Papoutsis.

It’s all exciting news, and I wish the best for Amy Hennig and the team at Visceral Games.  I am reaching out to Visceral Games to find out some more information, and I will add to this post as soon as I hear back.

I am an Associate Editor for B-Ten

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by Fabio Santana

If you haven’t already heard fanboys crying in the streets, and babies saying that they know what they’re doing on August 8th of 2014, well apparently the first thing you’ve done today is read this article. If you’re unaware, Michael Bay is producing a new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie coming out this Fall. He originally canned the whole idea that they were mutated turtles – he thought it would be cute if they were from space- and named the movie “Ninja Turtles”. Well, at least that’s not going to happen anymore.

Just because he diverted back to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles does not mean that this movie will be canon. The movie is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who is best known for his movies Battle Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. If you’ve seen at least one of these movies, you’d know that you shouldn't expect much from any future projects of his.

(Spoilers Ahead)

The trailer starts off with what looks like a pre-Shredder (played by William Fitchner) talking to journalist April O’Neil (played by Meghan Fox) about how there is crime that is destroying the city. Next we see members of the Foot Clan with guns running around in hoodies and masks. As they run around a subway station, you see April O’Neil recording mysterious figures beating up these thugs.

He then goes on saying “People want heroes, Miss O’Neil. But heroes are not born, they’re created. That’s what your father and I were trying to do.” Dun dun dun! The plot thickens! Apparently, April’s father was in cahoots with Shredder, and they were the ones who made the Turtles. They then show the TCRI tubes filled with green liquid. Or perhaps I can say… Ooze? Next you see some fast camera work of fighting, and Meghan Fox pretending like she’s acting, Fitchner looking at a rather cool Shredder costume, explosions, buildings breaking apart, and then finally some turtle action.

The next scene shows Leonardo sliding down some mocapped snowy mountain on his shell; all while being chased by Hummers. Next you get slight glimpse of Donatello flinging, what appears to be, Raphael into a truck while they too are sliding down the mountain on their shells.

We then get the logo chosen for the movie:

Then you see Leonardo landing on an edge of the top of a building, peering face-to-face into Meghan Fox’s dead eyes. Next, Michelangelo lands behind her, and to calm her down he says “Oh! No, no, no! Whoa! Haho! Chill! It’s just a mask. See? Don’t freak out, right?” And classic April collapses to the floor. Oh, Mikey! You and your antics! The trailer then ends with all the “Coming Soon” stuff.

It had a much more serious tone that I thought it would have. The comics seemed to more dark than the other released shows and movies, so perhaps that’s what they’re going for. Splinter was completely absent from this whole trailer. Maybe they thought that a talking rat would be a “little” too much for newcomers. That joke also works because he is going to be voiced by Danny Woodburn. Also absent was pizza. Are you kidding me? That’s like showing up to a wine and cheese pairing party, only there are none of those things. I definitely would have liked to see more of the Turtles. But, from the little they showed, I guess less is more. They look like giant green aborigine accessory toting Cheshire Cats with human noses. But, I’m sure that won’t disturb anyone.

At some point, you realize that original ideas are hard to come by. There are going to be opinions of all kinds, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can do what you please, and your opinion generally won’t matter. This movie is probably not for the people that love the original movies. This one is treading far from canon.

So, you can:

1. Go see this movie, and love or hate it.

2. Whine about how you’ll never see this movie because they ruined a story about talking turtles.

3. Just let it go, and move on.

My opinion of this trailer is pretty clear. I’m going to laugh about this, and keep my wallet in my pocket. It doesn’t really matter what anybody says, this movie is going to make money, and it’s going to generate a lot of hatred and love. I’ll probably see it someday. But, until then, I’ll re-watch Secret of the Ooze for the thousandth time.

I am an Associate Editor for B-Ten

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Read my original article: http://b-ten.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-less-cheesy-expected/
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Throughout this past week, different members of the gaming press have expressed through twitter, and other forms of communication, that they were going to Japan for a Games Press event. Now, this whole event was under embargo, and we were all very excited to hear what would be coming to us. It’s just as exciting to us as when one of your relatives were going to be visiting your family when you were a kid. No, we didn’t care to see them, but, the gifts? Oh yeah! That’s all we came here for.

Well, it seems like the excitement got to game developer/producer Hideo Kojima brought some gifts first. He is most known for the Metal Gear Solid series, and his upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Via Twitter, Kojima tweeted a slew of pictures showing many members of the press, from EU and the US, playing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the upcoming game prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Confusing? Yeah, it is a little confusing. But, given the perplexity of the story, this is nothing new.

Sweet, sweet memorbilia

Destructoid's Max Scoville getting handsy with Snake

[font=Times New Roman]A Military hangar of games[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]

[font=Times New Roman]Also, please![/font]

As Kojima expressed his nostalgia through his twitter feed, I couldn’t help but get all giddy myself. Now, excuse me while I go back and play me some Metal Gear Solid while I Painfully await for Ground Zeroes. I’m sorry for that. It will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One for digital download or physical disc on March 18th, 2014.
Photo Photo Photo

Earlier today, some news started to flow around like a winter breeze that shook even the strongest of men. A NeoGaf user Rösti found out that the trade mark “Watch Dogs” was filed for a Request for Express Abandonment to the USPTO. Since the game was going to be titled Watch_Dogs, and Ubisoft already had five other trademarks for the game, some people paid no mind. While on the other side of the story, thousands of gamers tore their clothes, ripped their hair out, and proceeded to cancel the days they had requested off to play this game. Fortunately, Ubisoft came out and let us know that this was a fraudulent request that was sent out.

Yves Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft Entertainment, let us know that he in fact had not signed the Request for Express Abandonment, and that Ubisoft had nothing to do with this. The whole Internet is speculating, so why not join along, people? It’s pretty obvious what’s possibly going on here, maybe. A Nintendo fanboy was so enraged about the issues the Wii U is having, and upon the possibility of Watch Dogs being canceled on the Wii U, he decided to become a master hacker by screwing over Ubisoft and create his own Watch Dogs experience since he would never succumb to purchasing a PC, or Console other than one created by Nintendo. No? Who’s to say? Either way, I'm kind of proud of my little Photoshop job right there.

Either way, I’m sure glad this was nothing that was going to break the game into further delay or cancelation. It seems that Ubisoft is working with the USPTO to get everything back in order. Now it’s only a matter of time before we can get our hands on some sweet, not real, non-detrimental in-game hacking. Pick up Watch Dogs on all systems, except the Wii U, maybe, sometime in Spring of 2014, hopefully.

9:56 PM on 12.09.2013

Year after year, the Video Game Awards seem to be converting into something a less important than what they should be. As exciting as it is to be able to see game developers get credit for all the hard work they are doing, it feels like all they are really doing is creating a false sense of honor for the developers, mixed with eluded excitement for upcoming games. This year Spike TV decided to take a different approach to the subject, be that for the better or worse.

The VGX Awards ditched their usual fist pumping, neon light blasting, crowd infused show for something much simpler. They didn't really seem to have a good grasp on how the awards should be distributed in turn for the years of hard work each developer put into each game, so they most of the awards just got announced. They didn't even explain why it adopted the name VGX. Even though it was obvious, it was an opportunity for them to explain it, and they blew right past it as if it didn't matter. As a gamer, it was always nice to hear acceptance speeches and see the faces of the award winners. It was completely absent throughout the show. The developers that were there to accept their awards got an awkward hand clap by the video crew which resulted in an incommodious echo and left the developers with a contrived exit. It just all seemed so sad how the work of these people was diminished by the lack of consideration by the event.

The show was all kept together by Geoff Keighley, and ripped apart by Joel McHale. The two worked so uncomfortably together, that it kept putting developers into an uncomfortable position. Mind you, I did enjoy watching Reggie fumble his whole presentation. According to what Reggie from Nintendo said, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is going to be innovative, and it will be the game that pushes them through with success throughout 1Q. It's going to take more than bananas and a tie-wearing ape to convince me that the Wii U is worth the price tag.

The Video Game Awards are supposed to be fun in theory, yet the only comic relief was when Joel would make an ad-libbed and uncalled for comment about the games themselves, which Geoff would either awkwardly laugh to, or completely ignore. This made developers uncomfortable, it made Geoff uncomfortable, and it made the audience feel uncomfortable. They certainly shouldn't have allowed drinks on the set because Joel made it very obvious that he would have rather been literally anywhere else than there.

The constant disrespect for developers by Joel, mixed with the musical performances from musicians featured in GTA V proved that the show had completely lost it's focus for video games. The Odd Future guys are known for not caring at all about anyone, and they proved how idiotic they can be. Watching them interact with the band Wavves made for one of dumbest moments I have ever experienced on a live show. Whoever made the decision to allow those people behind a microphone seriously lost their minds.
With the whole show ditching the the Award event feel, they went in route of doing interviews in which Geoff or Joel would announce, and then have to run over to the set 20 feet away and sit down while the camera wasn't focusing on them. This caused strange transitions, and made the event feel extremely unplanned.

There was some good that came out of this whole joke, though. They presented many new trailers, and announcements for games coming out in the near future. Most of these were a complete waste of time. For instance, The Division is one of the most interesting games to be coming to Next Gen consoles. The trailer delivered was about the new "Snowdrop Engine". As much as I enjoyed watching the watching this, there was no hype behind it whatsoever. There was nothing that made anyone get all hyped up for it. Nothing they presented was worth the 3+ hours of a show. There were more impressive trailers for games released randomly throughout the year that got us more excited than anything that they presented.

The announcements for the Telltale Games merged with Borderlands, and Game of Thrones as two new and separate games was nice to hear, but of them, we saw nothing. The Witcher 3 has a new trailer which was enjoyable, but it was unaccompanied by anything else. Quantum Break got a little demo, but didn't get a better name. Dying Light got a couple minutes for us to view absolutely nothing about the game we didn't already know. We didn't get the developers hyping up their game in person in front of hungry gamers. What we did get was Joel McHale crudely announcing trailers that he obviously had no interest in.

Yet, out of all the terrible things we were forced to watch came the amazing looking game called No Man's Sky which was presented by their very humble developer Sean Murray. The game is being developed by Hello Games, which is the four man studio behind Joe Danger. Joe Danger is in no way indicative of how No Man's Sky will play out. Check out the video below:[font='Helvetica Neue Light',HelveticaNeue-Light,'Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif][/font]

Overall, this was the worst Video Game Awards they have done yet. Next years show, if there even is one, needs to go back to the roots of why they even do this show. They need to remember that without these events, they loose their chance to get millions of gamers excited, and ready to purchase and play new games. But if they keep up the trend, they're going to receive a loss of respect, and a uselessness to the gaming industry.