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FWyllis0825 avatar 8:43 AM on 04.16.2010  (server time)
Over-used Final Fantasy Complaints

I just finished reading Chad's latest Final Fantasy XIII post and just wanted to post a little something. I'm not really even expecting many, if any, people to read this, but i'd like to get it out there and off my chest. Please note that I have not actually finished Final Fantasy XIII yet, and this is not meant as a review in any way. Just to touch on and counter some main complaints i've read about it and the series as a whole.

Honestly, XIII is the only Final Fantasy game i've been able to actually follow and enjoy since IX. The other double-digit FF games never really caught my interest, and the only reason I really know anything about their plots is from hearing my friends talk and watching my mother play them. I kind of miss the old ATB battle system, but I could easily and gladly go back to play the older games for that. And so could anyone else that has any problem with the newer FInal Fantasy games.

I love all of the references to past games (Like Palumpolum, as Chad said, and hell there's an airship named the Lindblum, which was the name of a town in IX). It somewhat saddens me that so many people complain about all the cutscenes from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. The gaming world has become so obsessed with fast-paced action games like Modern Warfare that they've forgotten about the slow-paced traditions. Remember when the only way to get any story out of a game was to sit there and read it while spamming the confirm button? Now all you critics answer me this: would you rather push A a million times and read tons of story which may or may not sink in, or sit back and watch the gorgeous graphics while listening to it? I, for one, have found that it's easier to follow the story when the main events are spoken. When I have to read speech bubble upon speech bubble just to find out who stole the princess or why the hell we're walking all the way across the world to some tiny town in BFE, my mind tends to wander and I miss key points. Even in some of the older Final Fantasy games, it took me playing the same parts 3 or 4 times for me to actually catch all of what they were explaining. It would get to the point where i'd mash the confirm button and speed through it without reading just so I could get back to playing.

Another complaint i've noticed is that all the reviews focus on the graphics and set-up, but not on the characters and plot that fans consider to be the main backbone support for the whole games. Which, of course, they are. In this installation in one of my favorite video game franchises, I can't help but notice how the characters bear quite obvious similarities to past FF icons.

Lightning? She's very similar to Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. From the loner attitude right down to the weapon of choice as a gunblade. Only difference being? Lightning softens up a whole lot sooner in XIII than Squall did in VIII. Snow seems like a cross between Seifer and Zell, also both from VIII. Seifer in appearance, Zell in attitude. Hope looks like the bastard child of Tidus from X and Vaan from XII, even if he acts nothing like either of them. Hell, there's even a guy i've seen, some kind of general of PSICOM or something, that looks like Sephiroth with shorter hair.

As for the plot...well that can be pretty confusing. I haven't read much of the Datalog yet, so all I know is what they've explained in the game so far. But I don't see why everyone's so confused about it. As long as you actually pay attention to what they say, it's simple to stay up-to-date.

So there is my blog-rage counter to some of the more popular complaints about Final Fantasy XIII. I am, in no way, a gaming expert, but I know enough to think you shouldn't judge a game before you've played it yourself or have at least given it a shot. If you're only in to fast-paced action and shooting games as most people seem to be, Final Fantasy probably isn't a series for you. It focuses more on well-developed characters and a carefully planned story that leaves you satisfied once you've beaten it, all set in a gorgeous fantasy environment full of strange and unique creatures to add to the fun.

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