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Hello everyone. Again, I'm here. I didn't actually go anywhere. This thing that the cool kids are doing nowadays called "school" is really consuming my life. Not like the dark side though. Because at least they give you cookies. At school, they just make you memorize stuff (a majority of the time) that you could care less about.

Anyways, I will be blogging on here on and off when I can. I run too many blogs as it is that I can't even keep up.

Also if anyone would want to help give "supportive" input on how to fix my header? that would be wonderful.

Besides all of this stuff,

Game wise: I've played the best and worst of my video game library lately. I've beaten God of War III and Heavy Rain(at my friend's house that pwns a PS3) and it was very enjoyable. Other than that, I'm still cranking out the time on Mass Effect 2(amazing game by the way)

Another newbish question: anyone know how to edit your own profile? I have to update some things like fix my gamertag(since Microsoft finally banned my Greenaidsandham account) and switched it to something else.

That's all for now. Later gamers of the world!

I know people have probably seen this before, but the new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a great tribute to video gamers everywhere!

I don't know what it is about video games, but I love them. And E3 is no exception. E3 is the one event every summer that drowns away my pains of the torture of working. And it never ceases to amaze me. So, what do I expect this year from E3? The following list is what I predict will happen:

1.Bungie's "other" Halo game will put the wowz! on us- Yes, most people are sick of Halo, Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and the rest of the gang, but in all seriousness, Halo has a good storyline. And a huge expanded universe. From what the rumortoid has said on here, the next game could be a tactical shooter cross between Gears and Ghost Recon. Both of my favorite games making a baby? Awesome! It will be not focused on the Chief, because he's off on retirement with Cortana. Or perhaps this will serve as a prequel leading up to the events (before, during, or after) Halo Wars. If Bungie can nail this game just right, besides making another FPS*cough *cough Halo 4? then I will check the next game out regardless of what everyone will say about milking the franchise.

2.There will be one game this year that stands out from the rest that none of us know about. I don't know what game it is yet, but they might reveal it at E3 this year. And it will be the hit of the whole entire conference. I'm not ignoring Fallout 3, Fable 2, or any other great titles like that, but come on developers. Make us want to drop our money on the table for this new IP. Also, any announcement from Bioware *cough *cough Mass Effect 2! would be nice too!

3.Sony will impress us this year. Despite me liking only the PS2 in the Sony family, I think Sony might turn it around this year. They will bring some games out that show off their graphical muscle. Maybe even a definite buy for this Christmas. I am not going to ever get a PS3 in all honesty, but they are going through redemption. And that means that Microsoft and Nintendo need to step it up a lot if they want to keep the consumers pleased. I'm not trashing completely on any one company, but they will all be very competitive this year due to the fact that this year and last were the generations that software mattered the most.

4.Too Human won't let us down? The demo is going to be released in a matter of hours as soon as I post this. I am going to stay up for a while until it's released. Right now, no new demos on the marketplace, but I'm waiting. Or I'll download it first thing this morning. I'm way too excited to sleep, but I have dumb work in the morning. Video Games are much more important than work.(in my opinion!) Anyways, yes the demo will be released, everyone will play it, but I do believe in Dennis and Silicon Knights. They worked hard to incubate this baby and it will prove it's worth when we test drive it later today!

5.Nintendo will keep playing the "family friendly" game. They will more titles accompanying Mario and the gang, and quite possibly more. Maybe a remake (I'm hoping it's a Wii Gen Starfox, but done old-school). Or possibly a tactical shooter combo with the Star Fox Franchise. I would get a Wii for that.......

Those are my predictions for E3. Whatever your taste in gaming, I'm sure E3 won't disappoint. The heavy hitters of the big 3 will dish out their greatest games (Halo, Resistance 2, Mario) for the money in our wallets. And for our enjoyment mainly.

Feel free to comment on my post. I'd like to see what others will predict over E3. WOOT!

Ok so I haven't posted anything in a while but I thought this would be interesting to dissect. I've watched Iron Man for the second time today(great movie by the way) and can't help be keep pondering myself: what is happening to my childhood? I think it not only effects my childhood necessarily, but the deviants of Hollywood are cashing in on my childhood heroes/cartoons. If you think about, before too long every show I've grown up with in the 80's and 90's will be put on the silver screen very soon.

Iron Man was a great movie as I've mentioned before, but this superhero trend will continue. And not all super hero movies are awesome. Or fantastic(cough cough fantastic 4 sucked. 2nd one not as bad). And as always, the cycle continues of releasing video games based off of movies based off of comic books the opening week. The Iron Man game isn't that great in my opinion, but I am only one gamer effected by this.

I just truly hope the way Hollywood is going is that Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Magneto, and The Avengers don't horribly suck. Because that would be 5 movies that are destroyed thanks to Hollywood, but I trust Marvel Studios to do a good job.

And speaking on the topic of superhero movies, I've noticed that Marvel is taking the cake in the battle of DC and Marvel Films. In all honesty, I believe that Batman Begins is one of DC's strongest points they have. Superman Returns was given a lukewarm response, and they haven't gone on to Green Lantern or the Flash yet, but it would be cool. And since they shot down the Justice League movie, they have to keep up the heat with Marvel or suffer to the ranks of Spiderman 3.

That's it from me, but yah just remember Hollywood holds everyone's favorite cartoons, comic book heroes, and other things in jeopardy on whether they are going to suck or not.

So, 2 weekends ago, I downloaded the following demos from the Xbox Live Marketplace:
1.Blade storm: 100 years war
2.The Simpsons: Video Game!
3.Time Shift
4.Virtua Fighter 5

All great varieties of games, but yet very little appeal to me. So, here's some quick reviews and impressions of what to expect in the final versions:

1.Blade storm: 100 years war.

Well, here's the thing: Blade Storm is a great game, but overall it just didn't click with me. The graphics were impressive, AI wasn't too bad, but there's only one thing that I absolutely hated about this demo, which will lead to me never buying this game...
It was the fact that your hero had to wait until a bar filled up to attack the enemies. I hated that. Great concept, huge battles, and medieval stuff made this game have a big potential for greatness, but the waiting bar killed it. I don't know, maybe people will dig this type of thing, but it's not a button masher, but more of a strategy attack-with-your-troops together type of game.
Overall impressions:Rent if you are interested.
3 out of 5

2.The Simpsons Video Game (all platforms known to mankind! Except last gen consoles I think?)

The game play of this game reminded me of the good ol days of beat'em ups. The demo only offered 2 playable characters(Bart and Homer), but still a good selection of sample characters. The game is going to be very unique and a big step up from previous Simpsons games but it has great promise.
The engine of the game is very simple. GTA esque environments, colorful enemies and other NPCs, solid soundtrack, and voice acting is locked in place, meaning it doesn't suck. Definitely worth a rental when it releases later this fall.
Overall Impressions: Weekend Rental
3.5 out of 5

3.Time Shift(PC, 360, PS3)

Your typical FPS game, but one little catch: you are the master of time! Yah, simple concept and probably unoriginal? but it works. I test ran this demo and here's what I got from it:
1.Time is your best friend. And it can screw your enemies over.
2.The whole game revolves around using "time" to solve puzzles and other problems.
3.Why are you wasting time reading this short review?! Play the demo already!
Also, they made a live action commercial for it. It was cool, but somewhat cheesy.
Overall Impressions: Rent
4 out of 5-Definitely check this out when it comes out.

4. Virtua Fighter 5(PS3, 360)

Another FPS comes with another fighting game. Not Dead or Alive, but this time Viruta Fighter 5. Although the PS3 got this way earlier, they didn't leave 360 owners out in the cold. The fighing and countering system is different from DOA in terms of reaction time and execution, but other than that it's the same. Definitely for the hardcore fans of the series, but also for fans of a solid well recognized fighting game series. Pick this up if you're planning on wanting another current gen experience besides DOA 4

Overall Impressions: Buy for the hardcore or fans of series.
3.5 out of 5

5. Conan(PC,360,PS3)

The manliest game of the bunch? Maybe so. From what I have played in this demo, I'm impressed. The game play has some bugs to work out(why is it that enemies will kick the crap out of me if I don't land the right hit?!), graphics are impressive, and the soundtrack is enjoying. Also, there's the manliness of decapitating people and dual wielding. And recently half naked chicks? Yep. But only in the final version! Other places have given this a final rating of a 7, but I'd still rent this game. Not necessarily buy it.
Overall Impressions: Rent
4.5 out of 5
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Ok, so in case you don't know, I prefer to stay out of these console wars. They're pointless, but Sony does keep pissing me off. Their PS2 was a great system, but now not so much. I will stop before I get out of hand and I get flamethrown with hate comments. Up until now I didn't care much, but this funny thing just happened.
Back story: I know a kid that I went to high school with( goes to college with me now) and he's an uber( and I mean uber) Sony fan boy. He is way into Final Fantasy and all that jazz. Also he likes Nintendo sparingly. Microsoft, not so much. Oh well. Anyways, here's the punchline. He and I talk about the console wars sparsely and he's the Sony guy and I'm the 360 guy. He has said this before and I play it nice, but it's really getting more humorous every time I hear it. Here's what he sent me again( I've heard this before keep in mind.)
"Plus there are rumors floating around that HALO is gonna come in a box set for PS3." Wow. That statement alone makes me forget about my stupid cold I've had for the past 5 days. I'm sorry, but it's really funny when people are in ignorance? I think that's what it is. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I don't know what the word is to describe a person that thinks they know what they're talking about, but has no clue what they are talking about whatsoever. Oh well. The point is the statement is as blasphemous as God of War or Killzone 2 on the 360. I couldn't see that happening anytime unless the companies wanted to make more cash. But really, the battle lines have already been drawn. Game developers have already picked their allegiances to which specific console. We're not going to see Mario, Master Chief or Kratos switching consoles anytime soon. So in case it's still not clear to those that still think Halo 3 will arrive on the PS3(bwhahahah XP ), here's a message endorsed by Master Chief himself:

Have a great day! Commence intense flammery! I definitely know there's a bunch of people that enjoy the PS3 that will argue. It's cool though, but honestly, I like to think that each console is unique on it's own and games don't determine a console's greatness, it's the consumer/gamer that determines that.

Alright, so besides being a big Halo fan, I'm also an amateur film director. I have embedded my stop-motion video of some Halo figures I made with my legos. This film quality and the fps isn't at all good. I know that. So please don't point out the obvious. Just try to think of this as a for fun type of thing. I'm no Neil Blomkamp, but I want to show my gratitude for Halo and all of it's cool characters. It's a short video, but I'm working on another one. Since I know photoshop now, I should be able to better edit the "gunfire" effects and stuff.

Also I will discuss the future of Halo: I haven't beat the campaign on Heroic or Legendary yet, but I will. A friend of mine already mentioned to me the extra stuff that happens, but I'll have to see it to believe it. So here's my question: Will they produce another Halo game? My friend and I were talking and maybe thinking(maybe nothing is official) that Bungie will make another Halo game, but have nothing to do at all with the Covenant(or what's left of them). Maybe the Chief and Cortana against another race of aliens that (no surprise) want the inevitable doom of the human race/Earth. What does everyone else think? I would be interested to continue the Chief's fight against whatever. I am not sure about Halo Wars. I still will try this to grasp the story and see if it ties into what Halo added to the mix. And plus, it will be a different take on the universe. Oh well

There's my two cents.... for now.