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FKinthecoffee avatar 10:53 AM on 02.28.2011  (server time)
Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition, undoubtedly, is my game of the last decade. Despite its ludicrous storyline, horrid graphics and under-developed gameplay mechanics, the game was a masterpiece of off-kilter humour and a surprisingly well-written storyline which surpassed the plots of games with triple Deadly Premonition's budget.

I've actually just completed Deadly Premonition's main storyline, and so I believe I'm qualified to wax lyrical about the game's strengths. Its decidedly strange sense of humour is a major selling point, as is its eclectic mix of characters and the sheer personality of the leafy little town of Greenvale itself. Its action is serviceable, though nothing special if you've played Resident Evil 4, and functions well without any unnecessary show-off additions. The character of York is an interestingly insane persona whose somewhat eccentric manner is not merely a comedic device, but a major plot point with a sad tale behind it. I would go so far as to declare York one of the most interesting protagonists I have ever had the privilege of playing as.

As I've said, Deadly Premonition's plot is stellar. It starts well, introducing the character of York and the colourful town of Greenvale smoothly, and ends well, with the satisfying tying up of loose ends and the sad inevitability of Zach leaving Greenvale for good. The game is a lengthy affair, with over twenty hours of gameplay for your money - and at a bargain bin price, Deadly Premonition is worth the money for such a content-packed, oddly enjoyable game.

So, there you have it. A brief summary which I hope outlines Deadly Premonition's good points while skimping over the bad (horrendous graphics, odd musical accompaniment, etc). I hope I've convinced you, dear reader, to give the game a go, while leaving plenty of space for the player to discover what the game has to offer.

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