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FAILCAST avatar 4:13 PM on 09.29.2008  (server time)
Failcast: PAX '08 at the Red Lion

To preface this: we were drunk.

Let me reiterate: we were very drunk.

Once more for emphasis: holy shit, were we drunk.

After a lengthy delay, Failcast is proud (ashamed?) to present the show we recorded Saturday night at PAX. To give you an idea of the surroundings, the show's half-true introduction tells you the conditions under which we recorded. To properly simulate the experience, you might wish to get a few drinks under your belt before continuing. The part of Necros will be played by David Lee Roth.

On the subject of video Failcast: it's coming sometime, but currently has no release date. Just pretend it's one of Nintendo's hardcore games and you should feel better.

Since we have so much swag from PAX, Failcast is going to run a little contest. What do you win? Almost every poster from the show, a couple of demos, the Fallout 3 Survival Guide, random assorted handouts, a ton of tattoos, and maybe some other stuff. Runner-ups may receive some left-over Battlefield Heroes posters. (We've got a bunch of beta codes too, so email us at [email protected] if you want one of them.) What do you have to do?

There are two ways to win. The first way is to fail epically, in some way, in some form. Picture, comment, cblog, I dunno, just fail somehow in a really big way. The second is to photoshop yourself on fire. (Failcast is not responsible for any harm you cause to yourself in the process of photoshopping an image.) We highly encourage PAX attendees to not enter so that all those other unfortunate Dtoiders can have a shot at free stuff, but if you want to enter for the fun of it, go ahead. We'll pick the best entry of the different entry methods and announce the winner on Failcast episode 17. Your deadline is Tuesday, October 14th, when we record said episode. Good luck!

Outline of Fail:
00:30 - Introduction by Mr. Husky Hog
02:50 - Dyson steal!
03:35 - Things go downhill from here
04:30 - McSnow played Left 4 Dead!
04:50 - Madninja is, like, 12
05:30 - Hitogoroshi sexing stuff up
06:05 - Random person no one knows!
06:30 - Toneman is talking!
07:20 - Macca's accent is sex
08:15 - Cutie Honey fights da power
08:40 - DigitalD562 = Brandon
09:40 - Tazarthayoot gets press hate
11:10 - CountingConflict's beard got progressively smaller through the weekend
12:30 - NihonTiger is a Wii fanboy
13:10 - Coonskin: whine whine whine
13:50 - Husky Hog is a whore
15:05 - Conrad Zimmerman is the Fallout authority
16:10 - Que Knives?
17:10 - Nademagnet would go on to be President of Belgium
17:25 - Husky suddenly steals the mic
18:45 - Crossing the line, followed by Riser Glen's account
19:35 - Drunk singing FTL
20:25 - I almost think Husky is just making these up
22:15 - BigPopaGamer praises Mortal Kombat vs. DC
24:10 - NihonTiger likes Wii Music for some reason
25:15 - FooLiz kills rabbits for fun
25:55 - Hamza is, strangely, somewhat sober...for now
27:05 - GuitarAtomik pops in for one moment
27:25 - Droobies' balls are famous
28:10 - Music game discussion
30:40 - Left 4 Dead is teh hot
31:25 - Chad and Dale North and Dyson!
33:55 - The GHost has AIDS
35:00 - LostCrichton wears short shorts
36:25 - Phist comes out as a furry
37:10 - A musical interlude by King3vbo and Riser Glen
37:55 - Cutie Honey calls out Jim Sterling
38:35 - Mustin from the OneUps
41:10 - A wild Dan Paladin appears!
44:25 - Sharkcast!
45:05 - This image is the topic of discussion
47:40 - Tiff gets roped into this
50:30 - By this point he's just saying what he sees in front of him

Music Credits:
OP: Rhymes with Stomach - Rainbow Road
Daikaiju - Daikaiju Die!
I KILL PXLS - I'm a Shark
ED: Tiny Tim - Having a Wonderful Time

Failcast will continue normal, slightly more sober operations with the release of Thursday's show.

To anyone who downloads this: we are so sorry.

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