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FAILCAST avatar 4:38 PM on 05.23.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 9: In Which Necros Finds a Bottle

I'm going to level with you, community: the guy typing up this post is Necros. And what you are about to listen to is a night of discussion that I could not remember. Though true for every episode, little children and grandparents should especially not listen to this week's show, for what is contained within may shock and dismay them. We're pushing the limits of our explicit tag this week, and most of it is my fault. So if your mom walks in on this podcast and threatens to "ban this sick filth," feel free to place the blame on the person(s) who deserve it.

That being said, having to wait a day should make this episode all the sweeter, as it is truly a delicacy of offensive banter. Riser Glen is our community guest this week, fitting right in with the usual team of Yashoki, Charlie, and King3vbo. Everyone had a great time recording this week's episode and we're certain you will love it as much as we do.

One thing to note: during the show, we have included short segments from other members of the community. We want to do more of this! So if you want to everyone to hear your opinion and can sound somewhat interesting, send us (at [email protected]) an MP3 conforming to the audio specifications on the side of our blog and we'll be sure to look at it. And by "we," I mean we'll make Yashoki listen to all of them.

Outline of Fail:
00:00 - Indian Thriller!
07:05 - Whoop Woo!
10:05 - Black albinos?
16:35 - Yashoki demonstrates where he falls on the spectrum
21:00 - Riser Glen is full of love
24:30 - What has Nintendo been doing?
26:40 - Community feedback
29:40 - OMG Shoki and Necros ONE TRUE PAIRING
34:00 - Awesome in my cool? It's more likely than you think
38:50 - The title is non-transferable
44:20 - Failcast: for all your religious needs!
46:50 - Go look at Riser's comments (and here too)
49:10 - Community segments ahoy!
50:00 - Reaprar weighs in on the Banjo-Kazooie news
53:15 - Cowzilla3 discusses Splatterhouse in this month's Educate Yourself
58:50 - Pokemon MMOs!
62:30 - And...the show's over! Go home!
63:00 - Discussing all the new rock games
67:20 - Right about here...yeah...
70:05 - Necros makes a very big mistake
79:55 - I'm an asshole

Music Credits:
OP: Indian Thriller
Chrono Trigger OST

Oh, and if I may whet your appetite: episode 10 will feature a very special guest, so be sure to come back for the next two weeks!

You'd better download this.

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