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FAILCAST avatar 3:21 PM on 05.08.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 8: Vagina Moneys

After last week's debacle, the only place we could go was up, right? In Failcast terms, that means we hope we failed you in spectacular new ways. Case in point: this week's episode is almost completely about everyone's favorite Eastern European immigration sim, Grand Theft Auto IV. This is particularly astounding, considering that Charlie and Necros have not touched the game yet. Still, we seem to muddle our way through; Yashoki and King3vbo pick up the slack with this week's guest, DJ Duffy. Listen to them discuss the proper technique for hotwiring a car and getting in bed with Liberty City's flirtatious females for only five dollars. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this offer is real, but only if you act now.

Outline of Fail:
00:55 - Don't you dare call me
03:55 - Game Boy Story Hour
07:55 - Duffy out-retros Necros
10:35 - Half-assed interview
13:55 - Community questions
19:00 - Drollroll!
22:40 - Necros sells out
25:50 - Starcraft is always recent
29:30 - Canada NARP LOL WUT
30:25 - Sexy Beach High School
34:05 - Hitogoroshi's Failcast Mask! (see top pic)
35:30 - Droll brings up choice in GTA IV
40:30 - King is inside a 14-year-old girl
42:40 - Could an innocent character fit into GTA?
47:45 - GTA IV made story a big deal
51:35 - Yay out of context
56:05 - Yashoki is a coward
56:35 - Anyone get a zombie character?
60:00 - Why Conrad and I aren't playing GTA IV
64:20 - CTZ makes NARPs happen
69:40 - There's now aniMonday for all you weeaboos

Music Credits:
OP: Galneryus - Meditation for the Saga
Final Fantasy V OST
ED: King and Dern - Cinder Halo

As always, you can contact us for all your refuse-related needs at [email protected], the usual dumping ground.

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