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FAILCAST avatar 7:20 PM on 05.01.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 8 Beta: The Best Episode Ever (And DJ Duffy!)

In the middle of finals, sleep becomes inconsequential. Time and day cease to exist, especially if you keep your curtains closed like I do to simulate a cave-like environment. The other day, I walked outside and expected it to be night, only to be surprised by bright sunlight. The world outside could end and all I would know is that my final paper for my writing studio is done. As a result, I suppose it's easy to see why this episode of Failcast is going up a little later than usual. Please, carry on as if nothing has happened.

This week, and the next is you wish to get technical, feature the delightful DJ Duffy. As usual, this week involves talking to Charlie and King3vbo about how she came to Destructoid and other such discussion. Not as usual, the topic of everyone's favorite car-stealing game is discussed. We're sure you'll be able to relate.

You know how to download, right?

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