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FAILCAST avatar 3:41 PM on 04.03.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 6 Beta: Gamegoblin Drops in...FOR YOUR DOOM!

If you all haven't noticed, Podtoid hasn't been updated in a few weeks. Now, we like to keep things somewhat professional (Ed.: HAHAHA), so we're not going to make comments about how Failcast releases content consistently on every Thursday or how even Podtoid-san, Japanator's weeaboo podcast, has surpassed Podtoid. All we can point out is that, at this rate, even Failcast is going to pass Podtoid one of these days.

This week's preview episode brings us one step closer to that goal. Community guest Gamegoblin joins Yashoki and Necros to talk about the usual bullshit we make up for these episodes. Also, a warning: the bad jokes Necros makes are so toxic, they may give you cancer. Listen at your own risk.

And now dear community, we have a question to ask you. What do you think of these short preview episodes? We originally created them so that we could at least put something out on off weeks, since we currently don't have the resources to do a full episode every week. Do you enjoy the format, or would you rather see something different on off-weeks? Or do you just not give a shit and only care about the full episodes? Let us know so we can continue failing in ways that at least seem to please you.

Download here!

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