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FAILCAST avatar 4:43 PM on 10.19.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 50: Fairy Queen Cast

Somehow, against all odds, ignoring the fact that we have all of five listeners, Failcast has managed to make it - to episode 50. Honestly, we're as surprised as you. And in a way, we're sort of sorry about it too. Thanks for tolerating us and even, from time to time, enjoying the trainwreck we put out here.

To celebrate, we're releasing the episode late as always! And on this episode of Failcast is one of Modern Method's renaissance men, Brad "DMV" Rice, an editor on Destructoid and Tomopop and editor-in-chief of Japanator. He joins the cast to talk about anime, being around near the beginning of Destructoid, and what it was like to live with Necros. Hilarity ensues. Also, stay tuned for a Failcast exclusive bit of news from Niero!

Outline of Fail:
00:30 - Worst show opening ever!
05:05 - Spiders? In my vagoo?
10:30 - We talk about Chii's Sweet Home
15:05 - Stories of Necros being a bad roommate
19:45 - We finally get to what we're playing, NOT THAT YOU CARE
23:30 - Katawa Shoujo
30:35 - Yashoki can't make burritos
31:40 - Japanator feedback?
32:55 - Community feedback
36:25 - Brad relates how Necros bought Halo 3
43:15 - Very old-school Dtoid anecdote
44:30 - The Stickam pic
49:10 - Regina the Bloodedge?
56:45 - Worst anime?
61:45 - Master Asia needs no ghostwriter
64:20 - Kauza doesn't like status effects
70:35 - Failcast breaks a leak from Niero (and I don't care what people on Failcast say, I'm pretty sure this is news to most to you)
77:10 - How people find Japanator on search engines
81:45 - Animucast was separate and can be found here

Music Credits:
OP: Neskimos - Zelda Dungeon
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic OST
Neskimos - Punchout
ED: Neskimos - Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily

As always, email [email protected] if you want to be on the show.

Download it!

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