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FAILCAST avatar 7:54 PM on 10.12.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 49: We're Back!

Failcast is finally back, and in characteristic Failcast fashion, we are unbelievably late with the episode. I know, you can hardly believe it, right?

Well, if you dare to download last week's episode, we've actually got a pretty amazing episode prepared for you all. King3vbo is absent, but Ryu89 is here to fill in alongside Yashoki, Hitogoroshi, Necros, and this week's special community guest Analoge. Here we go!

Outline of Fail:
02:55 - "Oh." Sums up most people's reactions
05:55 - Mass Effect > The Beatles: Rock Band?
10:00 - The value of a game's price tag
15:05 - Community feedback
19:10 - How awesome is Tactix?
24:10 - Scary Womanizing Pig Mask gives us an awesome question, as usual
32:15 - Gran Torhito
37:50 - "About those boobs"
45:45 - We argue about the best SoulCalibur game...guess Hito's choice!
50:25 - For the people who were wondering about the header picture of Failcast, that's Senisan82 on the right
50:30 - Senisan82 is Ice T
55:20 - The return of Street Fighter II syndrome
60:15 - No more fire!
62:45 - We talk about the fap system implemented a little while ago
68:25 - Vexed Alex starts Beneath the Pixels, a community game club
72:40 - Vent info is in the header image of this episode to avoid spammers
73:35 - Electrium talks about Used Game Syndrome
80:25 - I think $15 is a good benchmark for buying any game
83:45 - And so begins the many endings of Failcast

Music Credits:
OP: Andrew W.K. - Char the Great!
Mobile Suit Gundam Special OST
Uncle Milkshake - Rocket Fart Fanfiction
ED: Andrew W.K. - Fly, Gundam!

If you want to be a part of Failcast, either as a guest or by producing a special segment, please email [email protected] to sort things out with us.

Dare to download!

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