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FAILCAST avatar 1:11 PM on 08.10.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 45: SkiFree for Your Life

Failcast? On a Monday? It must be Christmas! It's not? Well then the only explanation can be that king is LATE with his editing again. Obviously he did it on purpose because I am LAZY and LATE and things of that nature. Obviously.

This week's (or technically last week's depending on how you look at it) show consists of the usual debauchery, lust, and hate that all 3 of you Failcast fans have come to know and love. Our special guest is the immaculate Pangloss, who joins the usual group of Nigros, Screaming Red Face, Mexi-can't, and LAZY NO GOOD EDITOR WHO NEEDS TO GET HIS PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.

Instead of real show notes, you get a generic outline of every Failcast episode ever
00:00 - Host says "Destructoid's only community podcast", lies through his teeth
00:17 - Yashoki forgets to say something when he is introduced, king makes a retarded joke and no one laughs. Hito complains about his hip and the weather
02:14 - Necros interrupts with a comment that weirds everyone out, awkward silence follows
08:48 - Yashoki and king3vbo have been playing World of Warcraft. NO ONE CARES.
09:30 - Hitogoroshi has been playing Metal Slug. EVERYONE CARES.
09:45 - The guest silently wishes they had never signed up for this
10:59 - Necros has not played Dead Space yet. THE JOKE IS NO LONGER FUNNY
20:X6 - Community questions, king outs himself as a pedo yet again. Yashoki makes fun of someone's username.
30:15 - Community questions are over, a short clip of some song no one cares about plays, and everyone turns off their mp3 players because the second half is boring.

Cblog links (added by Necros):
Topher wants people to have avatars
IroN1c watches The Matrix Online die
Electro Lemon's Late Night Lulz™

Music Credits:
OP: Smashmouth - Why Can't We Be Friends
Kurenai OST
DJMegaMatX - Dragon Warrior (There's a Princess)
ED: The Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die

As always, email [email protected] if you want to be on the show or to beg for Necros to start posting again

Click here to download, but in all honesty you won't

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