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FAILCAST avatar 2:11 PM on 07.24.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 43: Timmy Is Under the Sink

Woah. This is, like, a whole week late. And a day. Well, sometimes life kicks you in the ass, and you just gotta roll with it.

The short of it is: this week's Failcast features a special community guest, Husky Hog. And outline...go!

Outline of Fail:
00:50 - Fuck Corn Flakes
04:00 - Being negative is what we do
08:05 - Husky's Rock Band video
14:05 - Bad game unwrapping experience
21:30 - Complaining about playing RE5's Versus DLC
28:45 - Teaming up to use innuendo
33:20 - Community feedback
33:40 - The blog we refer to
37:15 - Necros gets very pretentious with film theory
41:50 - "Trolling Necros is like shooting fish in a barrel"
46:25 - Ironically repurposing insults
47:15 - Random bonus segment from the previous show
48:45 - Y0j1mb0 writes a funny cblog
59:30 - ZekeThePlumber makes fun of Mega Man's worst enemies
68:45 - Yashoki and King decide to finally run "Animucast" (link to Season Summary)
75:05 - Diverging to talk about Transformers 2
80:25 - We return to anime stuff 'n' things
86:55 - It's DEEEEP
95:20 - Disaster: Day of Crisis the Animu
100:00 - Husky started The Bar

Music Credits:
OP: Videogame Orchestra - Island in the Sun (Belmont's Revisal)
Valkyria Chronicles OST
Tettix - Zelda Dark Dungeon
ED: DJ Morgoth - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

As always, email us at [email protected] if you want to be on the show.

Download the sexy here!

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