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FAILCAST avatar 5:52 PM on 03.13.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 4: The Color of Rape, Also Contest

As you might have guessed from the hastily made questions post, I'm really busy playing Brawl right now. So in an uncharacteristic manner, this will be a short, non-wordy post. On this episode of Failcast, we talk about everyone's favorite reason to dust off their Wii, discuss Nintendo fanboys, and explain dolphinbabies with our community guest Rio. Also, we announce our first community contest! Just take the pictures attached to this blog's gallery and follow the directions in the podcast. Remember, entries should go in the comments (not a separate cblog!) and have to be better than Riser's (the last two in the gallery), or else you get jack shit.

Outline of Fail
00:35 - This is, sadly, a running theme
00:55 - This is also a running theme
02:35 - We have a WoW survivor!
04:30 - Macca is a pretty cool guy; eh gifts games and doesn't afraid of anything
06:35 - Rio escaped addiction too!
09:45 - It gets really dark here...
10:25 - Y0j1mb0 gets Best Blogger
10:40 - New spammy people get collective Worst Blogger
13:00 - Community questions!
16:35 - The baby has a name!
19:40 - Who would we ban?
20:35 - Go to Wikipedia's goatee page
22:55 - Brawl wins at great music
25:25 - Zaqu's usual question barrage of fail
29:25 - "What color is rape?"
32:45 - Creepy Spongebob picture
36:10 - The answer to Chieftain's question
37:30 - Contest time! Out-shoop Riser Glen
38:45 - Workman pops in!
41:00 - Disclaimer: don't drop your Gamecube off a building.
45:20 - Ron's brain is a very scary place
49:50 - Digg users are retarded
53:30 - Brawl and Wii online (re: playing with the community)
57:55 - Y0j1mb0 thinks that Nintendo's online is better than Xbox Live and PSN
61:15 - Is it alright to excuse Nintendo for crappy online service?
64:50 - Pokemon DS has voice chat! What the hell, Nintendo?
65:45 - Dtoid's second anniversary is almost here!
72:00 - Go to PAX!
73:05 - Weeaboos should say hi to Necros at Anime Boston

Music Credits:
OP: The Presidents of the United States
OCRemix - FFVII: Voices of the Lifestream
Richard Strauss
ED: The Presidents of the United States



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