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FAILCAST avatar 3:13 PM on 06.12.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 39: Supa Supa Kawii Weeaboo Edition

Hello again, faithful listeners! Failcast's scheduled guest Eternalplayer2345 could not make it this week due to technical difficulties, so instead, this week's episode of Failcast features community guest JohnnyViral, who is half-Gurren Lagann. As usual, Yashoki, King3vbo, Necros, and Hitogoroshi are here, though Hito could only stay for the first half of the show because it was past his bedtime. Old people!

Oh, and if you're wondering why this episode is a day late: King bought Prototype. Lazy-ass.

Outline of Fail:
02:05 - Interview Fakeout!
11:30 - Pretty cool story, bro
17:25 - Community feedback
22:55 - Discussion of eggs and breakfast
27:00 - Sex with Pokemon
31:20 - Musai ponders Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
38:15 - How much will Hideo Kojima work on this project?
43:10 - Flydream dreams about the girl opposite him
48:45 - Trying to hide your gaming tendencies
52:40 - We decide to talk about anime!
57:30 - Reassessing the current season
64:20 - New Haruhi thoughts

Music Credits:
OP: Butthole Surfers - Sweat Loaf
OC Remix - Street Fighter II Remix
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (Pappy Remix)
ED: YUI - Rolling Star

Don't forget, email us at [email protected] if you want to be a guest on the show!

Ne, ne, Dtoid-kun! Downroad, onegai shimasu? Sugoi!

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