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FAILCAST avatar 4:00 PM on 05.18.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 37: While the Cat Is Away...

Failcast is quite late this week (Monday instead of Thursday), and why? Eh, we can't really say, but just make some joke about "haha you fail because it's Failcast" and you'll be pretty close to it. In honor of Podtoid's fake 100th episode (not really), this episode of Failcast seems to fail pretty hard - Necros was not around for almost the entire show, so there is a looser structure and a focus on horrible cblogs (well, worse than usual). Community guest Power-glove joins Yashoki, King3vbo, a resurrected Hitogoroshi, and last-minute sub Cataract to show what happens when Necros isn't around to organize things. It's still a pretty fun listen, just be aware of the difference.

Outline of Fail:
01:00 - Coming up for the start of the show is hard
05:40 - Hito's secret is out
07:40 - Jenny Lewis's chest
15:00 - Community feedback
20:10 - That's not first-year film student quality, that's "hey, look at this Ken Burns effect in iMovie!" quality
26:25 - Losing your R4 is unforgivable
32:40 - XxAydinZxX writes...something
34:55 - TalesofvesperiaWin makes a forum post in the cblogs; also discussing his Persona 4 review
37:05 - Anthony doesn't officially release Podtoid 100
39:25 - Antifantastic hates every video game
44:30 - Epic Necros trolling

Music Credits:
OP: Five Iron Frenzy - Abraham Lincoln Beard (First Movement)
Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta OST
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - I Wanna Take You for a Ride
ED: michiyoyoshiku - Mai's Tits in HD

As always, Failcast's email is [email protected], if you wanna get on the list to be on the show!

Download it here!

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