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FAILCAST avatar 4:30 PM on 04.30.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 35: Halo Invented FPS

Another week, another episode of Failcast, Destructoid's officially unoffical community podcast. This week our guest is the master of all things musical, Naia The Gamer. Prepare your Haterade™, because this week is chock full of fail. Tune in as we talk about the Dtoid community, discuss some hot gaming topics, and drive Naia crazy from putting up with the idiots who run this show.

Outline of Fail:
00:50 - First off: talking about Gambit's financial situation
05:30 - Embarrassing questions about Naia's character
14:40 - Portal works just fine on consoles, quiet PC fanboys
16:20 - Necros did not mean to silence the discussion
20:25 - Community feedback
26:20 - Failcast: The RPG?
32:25 - Is this an intervention?
37:30 - This is a game where a fish eats your hair
40:10 - Quick break for Skeet Fighter (NSFW)
46:00 - At this point, Hitogoroshi's computer dies. We guessed it was just too old.
48:00 - Endstiem might be trolling that Halo is the most important series of the last decade
53:25 - Cadtalfryn discusses the importance of game sales
58:15 - Yet another comparison between the game industry and film industry
65:00 - We take Xhumation's blog about life lessons learned from games and just talk about our own ideas

Music Credits:
OP: Steve Porter - Rap Chop
ED: project-Delta - Air Man Will Not Die

As always, email [email protected] to see about being on the show or contributing!

Download me, you know you want to

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