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FAILCAST avatar 2:32 PM on 04.24.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 34: A Tasty Omelette With Extra Fail

A late episode, no outline, and a poorly written post… this must be the work of king3vbo. That’s right folks, I suck. This episode on the other hand… well, who am I kidding. It probably sucks too.

Join myself and my fellow hosts Yashoki, Hitogoroshi, and Necros as we talk about some stuff that I can’t remember because I was half asleep while editing. Asian Joe guest stars, and wows us with his excellent poetry. I remember something about puzzle games (like this), strategy guides, and Lego Rock Band, and we also discussed the new season of anime from Japan. We probably answered some community questions as well. I think my brain shutoff after the fourth iteration of What’s Poppin™

Outline of Fail:

There is none because king is lazy.

Music Credits:
OP: Aki Toyosaki - Cagayake! Girls
OC Remix - Chrono Symphonic
ED: Yōko Hikasa - Don’t say ‘lazy’

As always, email [email protected] to see about being on the show or contributing!

Download the eggy goodness here

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