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FAILCAST avatar 5:11 PM on 03.13.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 30: Who Fails the Failcast?

Note: Failcast is a day late because King3vbo had to take a friend to the emergency room. Which was probably more important.

Failcast has finally turned 30, the part of a podcast's life where it starts feeling very awkward with how it still feels like a young guy, but is totally an adult now and doesn't get to hang out with college girls anymore without being a touch creepy. Then again, creepy is funny, and we'll totally aim for that. Yashoki, King3vbo, Hitogoroshi, and Necros are joined by controversial Dtoid editor Reverend Anthony Burch from an undisclosed location. The show ran long, so we ended up only discussing one cblog in the second half, but the first half has a lengthy interview with Anthony about why he's gotta be all about the hate and not about the love, as well as sister porn and a big discussion on whether there's any worth to be found in JRPGs.

As always, no animals were harmed the making of this podcast, and if you want to complain about that overused joke, hate this blog, or just want to get on the show, email us at [email protected], which we promise to check from time to time.

Outline of Fail:
00:30 - Another horrible intro!
05:10 - Anthony has spousal abuse problems
09:15 - We are horrible people
17:35 - The truth behind the Eternity's Child review!
22:00 - That's a joke, Mr. Dtoid is not in there
27:25 - Left 4 Dead's Macho Man Randy Savage mod
30:45 - Community feedback starts by talking about Watchmen (MAJOR SPOILERS)
44:30 - Watchmen spoilers are over, back to the questions!
47:15 - The link to Anthony's info on his game
56:40 - Gears of War: Anthony's favorite game
65:35 - If Necros can't get silly collectibles, he'll stop gaming
67:40 - Unangbangkay's blog leads our counterpoint discussion about why JRPGs don't suck, after Anthony posted this Indie Nation
79:10 - Talking about The Wire
90:15 - That's the truth about Japanese dubs in anime
92:50 - Best ending ever!

Music Credits:
OP: Anamanaguchi - Blackout City
Metal Gear Solid 4 OST
Freezepop - Super-Sprode (Veronica Black Morpheus Remix)
ED: Five Iron Frenzy - Mama Mia

Don't be a mainstream sellout, download this episode!

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