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FAILCAST avatar 4:03 PM on 02.28.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 3: Why Do I Cry When I'm Taking a Dump?

There are many ways to answer that question. Maybe you ate too many jalapeno peppers the night before, and your shit is so spicy, it burns your rectum. Maybe your parents died in front of your eyes while you were on the toilet, and you have severe mental scarring. Or maybe - just maybe - you're sad that you get off on taking a dump.

It shall forever remain a mystery.

On a completely unrelated topic, we are proud to present Failcast numero tres, or "number tres" for you non-Mexicans. Host Yashoki guides regulars Charlie, King3vbo, and Necros through the labyrinth of fail to confront our own terrifying minotaur, Toneman, who may in fact be invisible. Or maybe he's just not there. You should listen and let us know if we should retrospectively fear for our lives.

Outline of Fail:
01:30 - Worst episode ever!
04:00 - Duh duh duh duh duh DOOM
07:45 - Stop with the "not" codespeak
08:45 - Shoki gots a 360
11:25 - Go pay for N+, you cheapskate
11:35 - "Alright alright, I'm doing alright!"
13:25 - Rio's epic hats!
16:30 - Yashoki hates DarkAnubisPwnr because he's on his friends list
18:00 - Community questions!
19:00 - Who is Polo Guy?
22:20 - We'll get to you, Zaqu
23:25 - Blehman's pic
27:15 - Yashoki's answer
29:40 - CP is...
31:45 - Back to Zaqu, Fail of the Week: How do you read ""?
35:20 - Dtoid is not "selling out," shut up dumbasses
37:15 - Cosby of Bel-Air
39:40 - Genki talks about his CD fundraiser
43:30 - What is a clog?
44:00 - Would you buy a console for one game? (Harukai)
50:00 - Goldeneye on 360? Nuh uh
52:15 - Necros stands by that statement
54:20 - Charlie's Dtoid 360 room project
57:15 - We have over 20,000 users!
58:50 - Necros blames both this girl and you, community
62:45 - Thornnn is now taboo
63:30 - The Destructoid Cancun Contest
66:30 - Toneman is quietest guest ever

Music Credits:
OP: Gnarls Barkley
OCRemix - Chrono Symphonic
ED: Five Iron Frenzy

A yellow stream of fail:

Dump the fail into your computer.

Or feed on it like the pervert you are:

(Yes, it has only taken us three episodes to devolve into potty humor. God help us.)

EDIT: Podbean is having some server issues, i.e. failing. If none of those download options are working at the moment, download it from this link.

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