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FAILCAST avatar 7:48 PM on 02.26.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 28: Crap vs. a Crap Sandwich

Failcast rebounds from our horrible failure last week with episode 28, recorded on up to 28 different machines at once to guarantee that we captured every horrible moment. As usual, Yashoki hosts our episode, joined by King3vbo and Necros. Charlie couldn't make the show, so Failcast alum CountingConflict jumped at the chance to sub in for him. And our community guest? The radical communist Professor Pew who terrifies us with his vague foreign accent, bizarre words, and attacks on our personal values of liberty, freedom, and democracy.

The main topic at hand on tonight's show is the recent discussion over Jim Sterling's Halo Wars review, since we recorded before Sterling decided to edit and republish the review. Also included for your listening pleasure is a random discussion we had during a break concerning survival horror games that was just too good not to include - feel free to offer your opinions in the comments, if you care. And as always, you can reach us at [email protected] if you are interested in being a community guest on the show.

Outline of Fail:
00:45 - We spend so much time debating numbers
08:55 - The mentioned video (NSFW)
15:10 - Yashoki always has to take the stairs in real life
22:45 - Community questions
30:15 - Achlahunualchchchch
35:50 - Random discussion of survival horror we had during the break
39:00 - Continuing, how do you make suspense in video games?
47:25 - Asian Joe discusses Jim Sterling's Halo Wars review - since amended, thank you Jim
54:25 - Mr. Covenant Halo
60:05 - Yawn boring WoW comparison
68:15 - BahamutZero hates Seth, so we talk about cheap bosses
77:00 - "I hate that about any show, when some girl won't put out"
77:25 - Unangbangkay talks about piracy, we don't do it justice, go read the blog

Music Credits:
OP: Muse - Micro Cuts
Final Fantasy V OST
ED: The Pipettes - Dance and Boogie

Download or I'll fill her head full of lead! Don't test me, I'll do it!

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