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FAILCAST avatar 4:22 PM on 02.13.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 27: Affirmative Action Edition

We have a bizarre show in store for you, dear listeners, as Failcast experiences a random cast upheaval for today's show. First off, community guest Kryptinite joins us on the show, which is pretty cool on its own. King3vbo and Necros are also here as normal, but Charlie was off trying to get laid (a noble pursuit) and Yashoki wouldn't come on the show because he was being a little bitch about things, so Failcast alum Conrad Zimmerman rounds out our cast as the fourth member. Join us as we talk about vidya games and reminisce about recent Capcom games. Oh, Frank West...

On a side note, Failcast should start updating on Thursdays again next week.

Outline of Fail:
00:55 - A very seductive introduction
06:10 - All these random Atlus RPGs materialize out of nowhere
10:20 - Community questions!
15:15 - It's Black History Month, in case you didn't realize
20:50 - That killed my self-esteem
27:00 - Raccoonus buys bad games
32:35 - Best comparison of the show
38:45 - Zgerhard is excited for Dead Rising 2, and so are we!
48:00 - Why are people like LadyJinx making pointless update blogs?
50:35 - CWal37 makes us nostalgic for Viewtiful Joe
58:40 - Way to bring us down, man
60:25 - Flamesofchaos has been labeled a fanboy by Nintendo
64:30 - Hamza is doing some big community art project

Music Credits:
OP: Bad Religion - You Are the Government
Soul Nomad OST
Powerglove - Mute City
ED: AE & Prozax - Clamato Fever

Download this episode to prove you're not a racist.

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