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FAILCAST avatar 3:14 PM on 01.23.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 24: Rorschach is a Vicious Republican Bastard

A day late as usual, but I have the feeling you'll overlook it as usual, Dtoid. You're used to this kind of bullshit from us, and we're happy to keep (unintentionally) providing it to you all. This week Failcast features community (or not) guest Rorschach. Charlie is MIA this week since he felt like playing Street Fighter III, but Yashoki, King3vbo, and Necros are still here with a perplexed Riser Glen, so fret not. A fair warning to you, listeners: this week is more controversial than past episodes and should obviously be kept far away from the ears of young children and anyone with a sense of human decency. Obviously, everyone on the show is responsible for their own statements.

Outline of Fail:
02:20 - Why does Necros always get verbally punched in this section?
07:25 - Remember to use condoms if you're raping someone - just to be considerate
12:35 - Community feedback
19:25 - Riser Glen can be our honorary Asian
24:10 - King3vbo finally finds something on the internet that offends him
26:20 - We didn't even know we had forums to go down
31:20 - So you can play along at home!
32:55 - Mr Moustache breaks the video review news - but they released the first review before
34:10 - We discuss Jonathan Holmes' Dead Rising Wii port
39:20 - Unangbangkay distrusts the reviewers who praised Fallout 3
46:25 - Just when Necros wants to introduce a new topic, his quality drops
49:00 - XYU's questioning of the MMO genre is a launching point for us to debate about all MMOs and bore Yashoki and Riser to death

Music Credits:
OP: Steven Lynch - D&D
Disgaea OST
zcbq - The Device Has Been Modified v2
ED: The Thermals - Here's Your Future

Don't forget, you too can be a guest on Failcast by emailing us at [email protected].

Downloading is fun!

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