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FAILCAST avatar 4:43 PM on 01.09.2009  (server time)
Failcast Episode 22: Drama, Bannings, and the Art of Using Tears as Lube

Failcast is coming at you this week with a super-sized episode, in which we tackle as much of last weekend's drama as possible. Get caught up about why people were hugging so much and where a few Dtoid accounts disappeared to, then listen as our host Yashoki discusses the current state of the Destructoid community with King3vbo, Necros, long-time absent Failcast member Charlie Suh, and this week's special community guest Itemforty. Dtoid editor Samit Sarkar also drops by the show later in the episode.

We recommend you check out Necros' list of resolutions to add some context to the show. Also, we <3 Niero and all the editors, even if Jim Sterling is too tired to come on the show.

Outline of Fail:
02:15 - Doritos reserves are critically low
07:45 - Nintendo has no idea what to do with release dates
17:15 - King3vbo is an old man, get off his lawn
23:00 - We move onto the main topic: What happened last weekend! (From your questions)
28:45 - Itemforty has a very contrary opinion
32:40 - An example of a really bad blog
38:10 - Item distills the essence of commenting - sadly
40:10 - Where is the line for what is fail and what is not?
49:55 - Menstrual metaphors
55:15 - The mentioned forum thread
63:00 - Found out that editor emails are hidden because of spam/trolls; [editorname] works
65:05 - So about Ron...
71:55 - Why do bans completely remove everything a banned user has done?
79:00 - Surprise guest substitution!
84:40 - Samit weighs in on last weekend
93:00 - The divide between the cblogs and forums
97:45 - The Adventures of Yashoki (as narrated by Samit)
103:50 - Meme blogs are fun, but they don't show up that often
107:10 - Riser Glen drops by the show to say goodbye

Music Credits:
OP: Grant Kirkhope and Robin Bealand - Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Theme
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts OST
ED: Sarah McLachlan - Angel

If you download just one Failcast this year...well, I guess I'd say listen to this one, but seeing as we're not even halfway through January, that would be very depressing for us.

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