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FAILCAST avatar 7:28 PM on 12.18.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 21: I Just Unlocked 12 Doritos

We managed to survive our 21st birthday without any alcohol poisoning (despite the best efforts of one Failcast member), producing this wonderful little bundle of fail for you. Our host Yashoki was off trying to get laid, so hosting duties fell to Drunkvbo, who had to be supported by our community guest Excremento. Necros and Riser Glen were also there to make comments about racism and Batman, respectively. Also, community questions seemed to take up the majority of the show, and some atrocious lag at the end killed a few cblog discussions, so apologies for that.

A reminder that I haven't made in a little while: don't forget that you too can contribute to Failcast by sending us an email ([email protected]) with an audio segment conforming to the specs on the right side of our blog. Or ask to be a community guest! We've got a long list, but it doesn't hurt to get your name in there.

Outline of Fail:
00:55 - What happened to bros before hos?
05:40 - Awkward 8-bit singing
09:05 - Shoot the...well, this is just too hard
17:50 - Banjo fanboy confirmed!
24:05 - Mrs. Excremento says "word"
30:15 - Quick bouts of Pac-Man
32:40 - Community questions, hosted by Excremento because King3vbo is too drunk
38:35 - Unlocking Doritos would be the best tie-in Microsoft could do
44:50 - Seriously, hit us up
50:35 - I'm kidding, I love the Hebrews
56:30 - BATMAN
59:35 - Atlas talks about racism...and Super Mario Galaxy?
66:15 - Riser's down with Fifty Cent
69:15 - So...Dante's Inferno...what's up with that?

Music Credits:
OP: Simon Viklund - Bionic Commando Opening Theme
Persona 4 OST
ED: The Lonely Island - Jizz in My Pants

If you download this, I'll jizz in my pants.

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