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FAILCAST avatar 7:18 PM on 12.09.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 20: Soccer Is Not a Sport

Sorry this is being posted late, but what else would you expect from Failcast, timeliness? (Necros says: finals suck ass.) Samit Soccer is here with the usual crew on a very special episode of Failcast in which we talk, the usual stuff. Lots of tension in this episode, so be prepared, but it wouldn't be Failcast without plenty of hate to go around!

Outline of Fail:
01:20 - House talk!
02:35 - Google "storks in California" to make Yashoki give you a prize
08:00 - This comes to very little pay-off
09:30 - Necros shuts up and let the community questions go on
16:10 - ...huh?
20:10 - Poor taste all around!
23:25 - Shoki trolls Necros superbly into talking about BFeld's fantasy DLC blog
33:15 - Thank you, grammar nazi
36:15 - Blehman discusses the holiday rush
40:35 - Riser changes the topic, then we end up talking about Xbox 360
50:40 - PS3 discussion continues?

Music Credits:
OP: Rie Kugihiya - Pre-Parade
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade OST
Funtastic Power - DENNAL PLAN remix
ED: DJ AnonymOS - so i herd u liek musics

We made it to 20, so download it!

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