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FAILCAST avatar 4:18 PM on 10.17.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 17: The Definition of Matlock

A day late, but no less entertaining, Failcast proudly presents its seventeenth episode, featuring super-special-hyper-mega-special community guest Agent MOO! Necros is sick and missing for this episode, but Yashoki, KING3VBO, and Riser Glen are still here to brighten your day.

The side effect of Necros being absent is minimal, but notable: we forgot to mention the winner of our PAX Swag Contest on the show, so we'll announce it in the post instead. Failcast got dangerously close to winning the contest ourselves when our contest reminder caused entrants to break the cblogs and brought down minor consequences from CTZ and Niero, but after moving our entry space to the forums, we have a winner: Elitechief27, who failed so hard with his post (now edited) that CTZ temporarily banned him. He wins our grand PAX swag bundle! Screencap FTW:

Second place goes to Failcast-alum Dyslixec, whose post was edited, then hidden by Niero. For risking his crotch's safety, Dyslixec wins a Battlefield Heroes poster and a Fallout 3 Survival Guide. Epic fire peen (edited for length) go!

Our runner-up goes to BFeld13, who produced a cblog entry detailing his love for World Famous, even after the contest was moved to the forums, via Photoshop. For his efforts, he wins a Battlefield Heroes poster.

Thanks to everyone who entered (only one person didn't get a prize, so you know who you are), and here's hoping the swag persuades you to get your ass to PAX 09! Send me your address in a PM so I can send you the spoils of your victories!

Outline of Fail:
01:10 - It's not lupus
05:35 - It's all a time vortex
11:40 - One of the most satisfying feelings
16:00 - Beta impressions of World at War
20:20 - Agent MOO is now "Wilson" for community questions
25:25 - Tough sacrifices in harsh times
30:35 - Necros is nervous for this statement
35:15 - Seducing tips from us!
40:30 - Just expect it by now
45:35 - It's still not lupus
50:00 - King3vbo wins Failcast
55:10 - Can't be as bad as you remember, Shoki
57:35 - Failcast responds to Holmes' MvC3 post
66:45 - Kwaselow talks about how to stop piracy

Music Credits:
OP: Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra - Orchestral Game Concert
ED: Michael Gum - Xenu, Xenu

If you would like to be a guest on the show or contribute an audio segment to the show, send [email protected] a holler.

If you download this podcast, you're winners in our minds!

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