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FAILCAST avatar 8:27 PM on 10.02.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 16: Off on a Tangent

Today, we're proud to announce that Riser Glen has joined Failcast as a regular cast member! We're going to miss Charlie, but we'll always have the good times, right? Of course, Yashoki, King3vbo, and Necros are here as usual, but they're not fresh - they're not what the kids these days think is "dope" - so we understand if Riser is more interesting to you for now. Community guest LostCrichton is here as well, bringing his adorable little girl with him.

As for tonight's episode? Let's just say we get distracted easily. Every topic that is brought up quickly turns into something unrelated, so if you're able to follow us, you deserve a gold star. And as a friend once pointed out, you only give out gold stars to the people you plan to rape down the line.

Outline of Fail:
00:30 - Most adorable intro ever
02:30 - Shameless plug for The Ship
05:30 - King would laugh at that
10:00 - Poop meter = best game mechanic name
13:25 - The truth about RE4's merchant
14:05 - Awesome community feedback from our awesome listeners
16:35 - Who does Yashoki think he is, Strong Bad?
19:35 - Redefining the word "paraphrase"
24:20 - Way to cut that out
25:20 - Samit returns to Failcast (with a segment we put in waaaayyy too late)
33:25 - Castle Crashers Fapfiction from DJMegaMatX
35:40 - UnstoppableJuggernaut talks about developers making the same bad games over and over
39:40 - Coonskin asks about Destructoid's response to religion
44:00 - Y0j1mb0 is losing to his kids, but Failcast talks about other stuff
49:00 - Yashoki brings up the same topic we talked about just a couple of shows ago
54:20 - Yashoki actually makes this post...and gets banned a day later
60:20 - Asian Joe confuses our sexuality

Music Credits:
OP: Five Iron Frenzy - Arnold, Willis, and Mr. Drummond
Nobuo Uematsu - Lost Odyssey OST
John Mayer - I Don't Need No Doctor
Castle Crashers OST
More Lost Odyssey OST
ED: Ambassadors of Funk & MC Mario - Mario Theme

If you'd like to be a guest on the show or contribute a segment, please email [email protected] and we'll hook you up.

This is how you download: click the link. Duh.

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