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FAILCAST avatar 8:55 PM on 07.31.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 14: Cocaine Up the Butt

On tonight's Cast of Failure, we have elephant wrangler Tsunamikitsune in the most desired seat on Destructoid - community guest on a shitty podcast. As usual, Yashoki, King3vbo, and Necros are here too, but Charlie is strangely MIA again, so Hitogoroshi manages to sub in again, since he can handle going to Comic Con 08 and not getting exhausted.

We mention this on the show, but here's a quick reminder: Failcast is taking the next two weeks off to recharge, get some sleep, party a bit, and play lots of SoulCalibur IV. We've managed to record something every week for six months - take that, every other podcast on Dtoid! - and figure you can oblige our laziness for just a little bit. We realize we're the cornerstone of your Thursday evenings, but even supermen need a break every now and then.

Outline of Fail:

01:25 - Shoki must burn for that
06:25 - Drinking is the solution for any problem in a game
10:40 - Comic Con report!
16:55 - Discussing practice vs. reward in games
22:20 - Community questions rock this week!
27:45 - The secret potential of Fable 2
28:00 - We do not believe in the dub that believes in us
34:25 - Mask talk
37:20 - DJMegaMatX tells us a story about Toe Jam and Earl
39:35 - Videos of KORG DS-10 from PeZ
43:15 - Sharpless points out that Cave Story is coming to Wii
46:10 - Nintendoll says that there's a new Dreamcast SHMUP coming out
55:55 - Nintendoll (again) weighs in on the Fat Princess feminism "issue"
63:35 - Dammit, Shane Kim, keep your pants up
63:55 - Atheistium shirks her womanly duties to talk about DLC

Music Credits:
OP: The Thermals - Pillar of Salt
Half-Life 2 OST
ED: NOFX - Please Stop Fucking My Mom

As always, contact us at [email protected] if you want to be on, send us pictures, audio segments, or chat about anal rape. Also, Dead Movie Star sent in a "fixed" Failcast mask! Now Shoki can't whine!

Download to show you love us. We're easy like that.

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