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FAILCAST avatar 4:21 PM on 07.21.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 13: Hardcore Animal Crossing Puppy Drumming Snowboard Clusterf*ck

Just like that asshole who shows up to the party two hours late just to be "fashionable," Failcast is out late! Just, you know, in case you missed the fact that we're posting on a Monday. But I think we had some good reasons. King3vbo had a ton of real life work. And food poisoning. And got a segment late. And was playing Steel Battalion. Hm, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that last one. Oh well, feel free to send him complaints for ruining the end of your week.

Speaking of ruining good times, E3 happened last week, and since there was no Podtoid or Podcastle to cover it, Failcast (or Madninja) had the visionary idea to hold community roundtables to discuss the Big 3's conferences. Which sounds great in theory, until you get to the part where Sterling held a replacement Podtoid and RetroforceGO! talked about the retro news there, making the fact that our episode was delayed rather silly. However, we're a stubborn bunch, and we're getting this out to you even though we utterly failed at keeping a good schedule last week. (Heads up: this week's preview episode will release on Friday instead of Thursday due to circumstances beyond our control.)


Ignoring all that bonus E3 stuff, we also have two community guests on with us this week since Charlie is off being Asian: BigPopaGamer and GuitarAtomik. They join Yashoki, King3vbo, and Necros to talk and stuff. You know the drill by now.

Finally, have to point out that BFeld13 and Dead Movie Star made Failcast masks! Can you believe it? We certainly can't.

Outline of Fail:
04:00 - Hey meng, hand me that djinni
09:20 - Demo secrets revealed here! If, you know, you care about Too Human
12:25 - Best garden name ever
17:20 - Community feedback, mixed in with E3 impressions
21:35 - At the point of recording, we hadn't heard of Pikmin 3 yet
21:50 - Is Reggie working for Sony now?
23:45 - The LittleBigPlanet sales charts
31:00 - Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band discussion
34:00 - I'd sex up Prince of Persia
38:55 - Back to questions (finally)
43:40 - The Failcast drinking guide
48:10 - Resident Evil 5 is the same, but who cares?
50:45 - People made Failcast masks!
54:40 - E3 Microsoft Roundtable
57:30 - The trend of 360's biggest games
62:20 - The truth of why Yashoki is here
66:10 - So now you can sing pop songs on 360 too
69:35 - Talking about "the bombshell"
75:15 - The "New Xbox Experience": DO NOT WANT
79:55 - To all you arm-chair prophets: try harder
84:10 - Closing statements
87:20 - BFeld talks about Tom Clancy's EndWar
89:40 - Y0j1mb0 thinks we're getting scammed
98:20 - We talk about Mega Man 9 again
100:10 - Why Mega Man 9 is 8-bit
102:00 - E3 Nintendo Roundtable
107:50 - The music game you can't lose
111:00 - Where was WiiWare? (yay alliteration)
116:50 - Use your grappling hook!
121:25 - E3 Sony Roundtable
126:20 - Sony = Stalin
133:10 - Could anyone have been surprised?
136:50 - Math is forbidden
139:30 - Fatalities are back!
145:15 - Everything comes back to Nintendo eventually
149:30 - Really, Canada? Really?
154:45 - THE END (I'm so sorry this is so long)

Microsoft Roundtable Cast

Nintendo Roundtable Cast
Zen Albatross

Sony Roundtable Cast

Music Credits:
OP: 8bit bEtty - Reading Rainbow
The Black Mages
ED: Who's That Pokemon?

As always, email us at [email protected] if you want to contribute a segment, link us an awesome cblog, or be on the show.

Warning: bigger download than usual.

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