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FAILCAST avatar 5:42 PM on 07.03.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 12: Join the Club

What - I mean, woah. What the hell was that? Feels like...I can't remember. My head...ow. I think...we recorded a podcast...or possibly an orgy. Definitely one of the two.

I think I remember that Yashoki and Charlie were missing, so King3vbo and I talked with...Droobies? Yeah, that's right, and Hitogoroshi got back on the show somehow too. Oh, and our special guest Conrad was certainly there, though I think he tagged out with his fiance ImpossiblePlant somewhere in there...I don't remember. Kids, remember that drinking and podcasting can be dangerous to those around you.

Outline of Fail:
02:40 - I still hate you for that
07:45 - Conrad wants you to win this Dreamcast
12:10 - Community Feedback!
16:15 - Yay using plot devices in podcasts
21:55 - Short pedo discussion on lolis
26:30 - Food product game design?
33:00 - Fuck You, Too: N64 vs. PS1
38:05 - To: Coon, Re: C64, Body:YOU'RE WRONG
39:55 - Y0j1mb0's latest shitstorm
47:45 - Oops, we were talking about Zelda, weren't we?
49:45 - Another two minutes have passed...
52:25 - Finally back to Y0j1mb0
54:20 - Thoughts on mockery blogs?
59:00 - Samit creams himself over WALL•E
69:55 - Random guest change: ImpossiblePlant!
70:10 - Glipe overcame many hardships for his console
75:10 - Drunkros confirmed for Brawl!
79:30 - Sonic fapfiction found by Geoff
84:45 - Coonskin's Get to Know a Community Member: MechaMonkey
88:25 - ThisYearsPink is a teacher who games?
94:10 - MegaMan 9 is stuck on WiiWare
96:55 - Professor Pew makes an amazing IRC guide

Music Credits:
OP: The Go! Team - Grip Like a Vice
ED: Weebl - Owls

At least this download is sober.

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