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FAILCAST avatar 7:58 PM on 06.12.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 11 Beta: Dyslixec Has Now Hit Rock Bottom by Appearing on This Show

Some people adhere to typical paths through life, striving to improve themselves on every step of the way. They hope that, with a little perseverance, they can eventually become awesome and cool and sweet. Then there are the few who, for some reason, decide that being awesome is simply too awesome for them, and manage to somehow work themselves down the social ladder. In this manner, episode 11's guest Dyslixec has taken another step backwards by appearing on our little podcast of fail. We're sorry, man, we didn't mean to hurt you. Unless that's what you wanted. In which case, we take full credit for helping you towards your deranged goals.

Anyways, hosts Yukoshi and Kingfagbo talk with Mikey about - what else? - PC games, including this "top 10 FPS games" list, if you could even call it that. Oh, and Riser Gay is also here for some reason. And Necros also interjects during his normally quiet recording duties.

After the ensuing arguments subside, Charlie hops in too so the main cast can finally confirm the final details of PROJECT FAIL: PLANS OF THE APOCALYPSE XK7 DELTA STARS (coming to a theater near you next week!) that we've been hinting at for a while. And yes, as the community, you're all invited to join in! In fact, we're hoping for it! Send in your audio submissions to [email protected], making sure they meet our audio specifications (listed in our profile), and you too can broadcast your fail to literally tens of people! I'd recommend that, if you haven't by now, you go listen to this preview episode and see what all the fuss is about.

Music Credits:
OP: King3vbo - MGS Theme
Metal Gear Solid OST
ED: Kanji Onari - MGS Theme (Skateboarding Remix)

Seriously, I mean it. Download it now.

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