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FAILCAST avatar 7:02 PM on 06.05.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 10: We Should Not Have Children

So I says to Mabel I says - we got this here podcast, and we figured we'd release it, ya know?

Of course you know, that's why you're here, at our relatively monumental 10th episode of fail. We've got a fairly awesome show for you all, and even community boss CTZ has joined in on the fun. As usual, Yashoki hosts with regulars Charlie, King3vbo, and Necros as we explore such varied topics as changing market conditions, birthday greetings, site infrastructure, and raising children. Oh, and boobies. Naturally.

Outline of Fail:
00:20 - Guess who's a shark?
06:15 - Yashoki pisses off all of Korea
09:40 - Hamza is ready to ban Necros
12:05 - Community questions, now with coin flipping
14:55 - If Failcast was Voltron...
18:35 - King is whining, what else is new
22:45 - Site improvements?
26:45 - Weeaboocast?
30:50 - Shark rape is the best rape
35:25 - Do Japanese gamers feel the same way about Nintendo?
39:15 - Coonskin05 recaps the Cincinnati NARP
45:35 - Yashoki discusses the R4's dark side
52:00 - Hamza tells a sad story
56:30 - MTV Multiplayer's Review Week
60:35 - Happy Birthday Charlie!
62:00 - Pixel Blue asks, what games will your kids play?
68:45 - Hamza only has more sad stories to tell
73:20 - Our top games for kids
75:50 - Shoki has no idea how to protect kids
79:35 - A Monthly Musing reference kill the discussion
81:15 - You know we couldn't help bringing up the new Castlevania game
86:35 - Lag = awesome!
89:35 - Pedro makes
90:00 - The GHost has a ton of awesome Destructoid cards, go look!

Music Credits:
OP: Guitar Atomik - I'm a Shark
Castlevania 20th Anniversary Album
Nobuo Uematsu with Ian Gillian - Eternity
ED: Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll

You're gonna download this, right?

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