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FAILCAST avatar 5:04 PM on 05.29.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 10 Beta: Mailbox Shark Wants Tiger Arms

As our hastily-made questions post indicated, today marks the first time a FOR REALZ Dtoid editor has appeared on our little broadcast of fail. Well, except for briefly on episode 4 (now available on an iTunes near you!), but that totally doesn't count. Watch as Charlie and Yashoki forget about it too as they make fallacious remarks about who our first female guest was in the process of interviewing everyone's favorite community manager, CTZ.

Discover! The not-so-amazing story behind Hamza's alias!

Hear! CTZ discuss his mailbox head!

Tremble! The shocking plan for CTZ's arm hair!

Learn! Tantalizing hints concerning the future of Failcast!

All this and more, for only four easy payments of $59.99. (Why yes, that is just enough to buy Ninja Gaiden II for each of us, but that's completely coincidental.)

Music Credits:
OP: Sorairo Days - Nakagawa Shouko
Gurren Lagann OST
ED: ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA - Tarantula (Hi-Timez)

Click! This link to download a podcast!

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