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FAILCAST avatar 7:51 AM on 01.17.2008  (server time)
Failcast Episode 0: Lulz, We Lied

With the divine sanction of forces beyond our comprehension, we set out Tuesday night to record the much-awaited first episode of Destructoid's Unofficial Community Oriented Discussion Group of Bestest Friends Ever, Failcast. Unfortunately, rival gods conspired against us, and our Asian delegate was snatched from our company at the last minute, doomed to the fiery inferno of Beelzebub. For your sake, community, we managed to make it through a recording without our widescreen companion, with last minute Failcast guest Droobies doing his best to fill Charlie's place. We believe you won't be able to taste the difference.

Also joining Yashoki (our fearless host), King3vbo, and Necros is our first official Failcast guest Madninja, who is apparently Chad's previously undiscovered cousin. As we clicked on random blogs for last minute show topics, we were ecstatic to hear his unique perspective as a relative newcomer to Destructoid's incestuous family. Will we suppress his overwhelming ninja rage? Listen and find out in our re-christened zero-th episode. You'll just have to wait patiently for our official first episode.

Outline of Fail:
01:25 - It's episode one! Oh wait, it's not, blame dead cats
04:20 - Madninja loves dolphins as much as Chad
05:30 - Necros demands filler material
07:15 - King joins the ranks of PS3 owners waiting for more games
11:15 - Assassin's Creed is spoiled milk, don't stick your brownie in there
13:00 - Madninja's Sumo-Interview
16:05 - Best Cblog: Fuzzy Regrets Playing Bad Games
18:35 - Worst Cblog: Lemon "fails because not up to par"
19:35 - We abandon Lemon's topic and go back to talking about bad games
23:25 - King tells a touching childhood story about a classic N64 game
25:50 - Remember when Disney games were good?
28:40 - Snaileb predicts our impending doom (corresponding forum post)
33:30 - Lauren is right, don't flame!
38:45 - Dtoid Vent beats you like a drunken husband
42:00 - Thornnn has scarred us for life
43:00 - CTZ will no longer tolerate your fail
47:25 - SoulCalibur IV has officially confused us all with its crazy spacemen
52:25 - Do people still go to arcades?
53:20 - Doc Love claims the Dreamcast is an exercise in socialism
55:45 - Droobies splooges over Trigger Heart Exelica
60:10 - CannibalCalvin's TF2 Sentry Case Mod
62:05 - Ceark faps to Colette in Contra
64:00 - Is Goldeneye still worth a petition, AngelsDontBurn?
66:45 - We each have our own petition agenda
69:50 - Best Failcast Ever!

If you avoided our previous posts, you may be wondering: what is Failcast? To put it simply, it's an unofficial podcast focused on the eccentric Dtoid community. Our main focus is on great (and not so great) cblogs written by you, the community. Every episode will feature a new community member in addition to our standard crew of professional failers. However, this is not just our undertaking; we want you to be a part of it. There is no point in having a community show if the community feels detached. So tell us what you think. Be brutally honest, we can take it (except Necros). If you have a cblog, video, funny picture, or anything lol- or fail-worthy that we just have to talk about, send it in, and it just might be featured. Before every recording, post your questions in the latest Failcast blog post. And if you want to spout your nonsense on the show, send us an email; naked pictures are always a plus. Together, we can make something that is so fail, it's win.

Feel free to stream the epic fail right here:


[email protected]

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