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FAILCAST avatar 4:48 PM on 12.23.2009  (server time)
Animucast Episode 3 - Lol boobs

Hey peeps, even though we didn't get to record failcast what with Necros' penis enlargement surgery, Hitos bad hip, and Kings and Yash's case of mono. We still have a episode for you just in time for the holidays! Join King, Yash, and Stella for another episode of Animucast. This week we talk about the new shows of the season, we answer your questions, and talk about titties! And as a special treat Yashoki read his G Gundam poem! So sit back, relax, and follow a long as we hit you in the face with our weeaboo wangs. Below is the chart we will be following or you can go to and find the winter 2010 blog.

Remember our contest is still running to find the guy in the picture we posted in the last episode post. Here's a hint: Hes a film director who was born in singapore.

OP: Animetal - Sailor moon theme
BGM: Spice and wolf
Break background: G Gundam - Moeagare Toushi Ima Washiki Shukumei wo Koete
ED: Rocky Chack Ringo Hiyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song (Spice and wolf Season 1 ED)


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