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FAILCAST avatar 5:51 PM on 12.11.2009  (server time)
Animucast Episode 2 ft. Stella Wong is out now! Also Contest!

Hey there listeners! Guess what? We have two, count them, two shows for you this week. A very fun filled episode of Failcast Episode 52 and Animucast Episode 2! Thats so unlike us right? This week we answer your questions, talk about the news, and discuss the shows we're watching with many side conversations! Join King, Yash, and special guest Stella Wong as we do our best to offend every minority ever (Inuit, we're lookin at you).


OP: Nyanderful! - Sakakibara Yui (Nyan Koi OP)
Background music Sasameki Koto OST
Break music Evan's Dance Break Failcast (MP3 to come soon)
ED: Sasameki Koto OST

Contest:Those of you who can guess who is in the header send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Who dis" will be eligible for our contest. We will take the first 50 people, and raffle off any 1 volume of manga from Amazon. Be fast!

Oops! Download link here!

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