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1:17 PM on 04.13.2010

The End Is Here: Failcast Finally Dies Tonight

About freaking time, if you ask me

It took us over a month to schedule a date to do it, but tonight, Failcast finally dies. In keeping with tradition, our 4 intrepid hosts will come together and record a badly organized whinefest where we bitch about the old days, and literally tens of people will listen.

In all honesty, it sucks that we haven't been able to record this last episode until now, but then again what do you expect from us? Leave it to Failcast to announce a final episode and then take a month and a half to organize it... pathetic.

Anyway, tonight's episode will feature... something secret.. maybe. Or not. I can't promise anything. Or maybe I can. Who knows? IT'S A SECRET. But as always, we want you to leave us your questions, comments, and hate mail. Especially hate mail... Yashoki and I really enjoy it.   read

10:29 AM on 03.09.2010

Failcast: The End Is Near [Edit: Tiny sound files yay]

To Our Literally Tens Of Listeners,

Ever since Failcast put out its first episode, we've heard rumors that Failcast was ending. Well, not so much rumors... more like biting comments, such as "you suck", "why are you doing this it is terrible", and "worst podcast ever but it has sound so 11/10". Despite the (justified) hate, we've kept on going strong, and it has been an awesome 2+ years. We've laughed, we've cried (from laughing so hard), we've trolled Necros into the depths of hell and back... but all good things must come to an end. As such, here is the announcement we'd like to make:

Failcast's last episode will be recorded next Tuesday, and then we will fade into oblivion and obscurity, forever forgotten by everyone. In short, it's what we deserve.

Ok, in all honesty, the last 2 and some years have been amazing, and it's all thanks to our listeners. Without you guys, there would be no point in doing any of this. We've had our ups and downs as a show, but you guys have always been there to keep on listening, commenting, and reminding us why we were doing the show. The fact that I got a chance to sit down with 3 of my close friends and record ourselves having a weekly alcohol-fueled conversation, and then people actually wanted to listen to it... it just blows my mind. Bringing in guests every week gave us a chance to really get to know this great community that we have, and I've made some wonderful friends through doing so. Failcast has been nothing short of amazing for me, and I hope that you all have enjoyed the show each week/month/whenever we put episodes out.

And that's precisely why Failcast is not going out with a whisper, but with a bang. We have some excellent content planned for our final episode, and we wouldn't be Destructoid's first officially unofficial community podcast without extending the last show to you guys. If you want to send in a shoutout, a message, a segment, a tearful goodbye while you masturbate, a scathing rant about how much Necros sucks... whatever it is, it goes in the show. Failcast has always been about the community, and we want you, the faithful tens of listeners, involved just as much as we are. Just email your stuff to failcast [at] gmail, and we'll be sure to include it.

Again, we canít stress enough how appreciative we are of you for your support of us over the years, in spite of how terrible this show has always been. Thanks for the laughs, the memories, and the memes. Without you guys we're just some losers talking about the vidya. Now if only we could get Necros to give us his sister's phone number......

<3 king, Hito, Yashoki, and Necros

[embed]166343:28107[/embed]   read

5:04 PM on 03.02.2010

Failcast Records Tonight, Changes Name To "Dale North and his Failure Friends"

That's right faithful listener (thebez, I'm looking at you), Failcast returns to entertain literally tens of you this week. Seeing as this show is a multiple of 10 and Necros has some weird rule about "special people" every 10 episodes, tonight we feature the one and only Dale North as our guest. Send in your questions, comments, or commands and wet yourself in anticipation of the smooth sultry voice of SeŮor North, as he regales us with tales of his exploits in the world of... whatever the hell he does.

Also... if you want... you could, if you have time, check out our sister podcast Animucast, where king, Yash, and Stella Wong talk about all things weeaboo. It's... it's not like we want you to listen or anything.... we're just saying........   read

12:51 PM on 02.23.2010

Failcast Episode 59: Austrailia Is Scary

You know, faithful listeners, Iíve always wanted to travel the world. See the sights, go on adventures, explore the unknownÖ until now. After hearing about the horrors that await Down Under, Iíve been convinced, thanks to nebones, to never ever visit Australia. Ever.That place is mad bananas

So anyway, we did a show, it featured nebones, and it was awesome. Hereís the part where Iíd write something witty about how much we suck or something, but honestly Iíve slacked off enough at work for one day, so here it is. I hope you hate it.


OP: Dan Mei - My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?)
Mass Effect 2 OST
DJ Tripp - Just Stop Believiní
ED: Irdeen - Boom De Yada WoW

This mp3 be creepy crawly!

6:54 PM on 02.18.2010

Animucast Records Tonight: SING ALONG EDITION

DAY-UM, that's hot. And now, a song:

I love Baka to Test
I love the trap within
He makes my weenier twitch
He makes me want to sin

Boom de yada
Boom de yada
Made me gay

I love Animucast
I love how it's so great
I love how I seem
To always post this late

Boom de yada
Ask us questions
Boom de yada
Ask us questions

I love our listeners
They ask such great questions
Except for Necros
Fuck rhymes I hate that guy

Animucast-a   read

6:05 PM on 02.10.2010

Animucast Skips A Week, So Instead We Have A Contest!


Sorry kids, but there will be no Animucast this week due to scheduling conflicts, real life, and Second Impact. In lieu of the awesome weeaboo goodness, we have a challenge for you, the listener! Though we love our big brother Failcast, we will be splitting off and creating our own RSS/Itunes feed/Account etc. As such we're going to need a header for our posts, and we are too lazy/artistically impaired to do it ourselves...

"So what's in it for me?" you ask. Well, I (king) recently purchased a bunch of blindbox figures in order to complete a couple sets, and ended up with a few extras. Make the best header, and these figures are yours. And yes, I'll ship them anywhere. We'll be announcing and displaying the winner's entry next week, so get crackin (because we're too lazy)   read

1:45 PM on 02.09.2010

Failcast 59 Records Tonight: Sexy Times

Don't get us wrong, Failcast loves everyone regardless of who they are (unless they're Necros), but a pic like this only comes once in a lifetime

Once again, 4 terrible people get together with one terrible guest to have a terrible time recording a terrible podcast. Hopefully our terribleness doesn't rub off on you, but if it does be aware that you can't sue us. We called no backsies like, ages ago.

Anyway, our guest tonight will (probably) be the wonder from down under, nebones. Ask him such inane questions as "Does the water in the toilet really swirl backwards?" and "WTF, MATE?". Or you could just post a comment about how lame Necros is. Either/or, really. We don't care.

And now, in case you missed it, the greatest pic of the Valumtimes season:

11:40 AM on 02.08.2010

Failcast Episode 58: Loveu Timeu

Couple of the decade

Failcastís in the air, in the whisper of the tree.
Failcastís in the air, in the thunder of the sea
And I donít know if Iím just dreaming, donít know if I feel safe
But itís something that I must believe in, and itís there when you call out my name


Thatís right kiddies, itís that beautiful season of corporate love, and Failcast is in the air and on the tubes with another sweet, chocolate episode just for you. Join the usual lovers as they talk about the past week in gaming and the Destructoid community. So hit that play button as you laugh, cry, and share a magical boat ride of love with us.


OP: YMO - Kimi Ni Munekyun
Kamen Rider W OST
ED: Christina Vee - Super Driver (English)

Now with correct embedded file (GOD DAMMIT KING)

Download for love!

9:56 AM on 02.05.2010

Animucast Episode 5 - Drop-in Cast!!

Hey there Cats and Kittens as always we are a day late and a dollar short, but the we did spend was all in an effort to give you a better show! This week is short and sweet but isnt without all of the delicious side helpings you know and love. Food metaphors aside here's what we talked about

The Rain
Weegee fucking weegee fucking peach
Secretly Loving Moe
Yashoki's Awesome Shirt
So many other things

OP: Judy and Mary Ė Sobakasu
BGM: Nodame Cantabile Paris Hen OST
ED: Judy and Mary Ė Daydream


6:14 PM on 02.02.2010

Failcast Records Tonight; Basks In The Glory of the Bass Effect

Greatest game of all time? I THINK SO

Here at Failcast we love 2 things: Fishing and Space Operas. Combine the 2, and you have GOTM (Game of the Millennium). Everything else just isn't worth living for.

And so, once again, our intrepid heroes set off on a quest to make a quasi-entertaining podcast for this fine fishing website. Many fishing styles will be talked about tonight, as well as an argument over the best casting methods, tastiest bait to much on when you're hungry (and no one is watching), and a rousing discussion on the ethics of sonar fish finders. We ask you, faithful anglers/listeners, to hit us with your questions and comments about our favorite endothermic aquatic vertebrates, so that we may truly bask in the glory of the Bass Effect.

...A video game is fine too.   read

2:31 PM on 02.02.2010

Failcast Episode 57 LISTEN

Once again another amazing episode of failcast has gone through the editing process and has arrived hot on your plate for ear-eal consumption. What did we talk about? LISTEN! What questions did we answer? LISTEN! Wh- you get the picture. Just listen ok? We appreciate every listener we can get and we appreciate you.


Download Link

9:07 PM on 01.27.2010

Animucast Episode 5 Records: PIERCE THE LATE POST WITH OUR DRILL


So... this post is going up late, but don't fret children, because Animucast will be recording another kickass episode tonight! The usual crew of Yashoki, king3vbo, and the fabulous Stella Wong once again will come together and talk about their favorite animu, mango, and other things weeaboo related... as long as king can go more than 10 seconds without refreshing /a/, looking for Lagann-hen subs. Seriously internet, SUBS FUCKING WHERE?

Honor us with your questions, comments, and random high-pitched squeals. Seriously, we really like those. A lot.   read

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