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I'll try and keep this simple. I'm currently in my first year of grad school at Illinois State University going for my masters in Exercise Physiology. I recently graduated from Millikin University (bonus points to anyone who knows where that is). Aside from video games my other hobbies are running, ultimate frisbee, music, and putting off what I'm supposed to be doing.

Systems I own:
Nintendo Wii
gameboy color
game gear
crap laptop
not SNES emulator
not GBA emulator

game: Smash bros
movie: Star Wars, Last of the Mohicans
book: Once a Runner, The Bible
food: spaghettie marinara
tv show: scrubs
song: Take on me by Ah-ha
word: duodenum
roller coaster: Millenium Force
color: green
football team: Da Bears!
baseball team: Cubs
drink: Long Island iced tea
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1) My real name is not even close to F Whipple

2) I once wrote a paper comparing horror across different mediums such as literature, film, and, of course, video games. It was the most enjoyable research I have ever done for a paper. Long story short, I came to the conclusion that video games did a much better job of scaring the pants off of me. I got a B+

3) I've ridden an elephant before. I regret not using it to rampage through the town.

4) I've been tackled on the sidelines of a football game before despite not being on the team. As an athletic trainer we had to stand on the sidelines with the players. The play was drifting towards our sideline and I figured I would be be fine, BAD IDEA. Initially, I was safe, but at the last second our guy with the ball got hit by a defender his path was redirected towards me. The only thing going through my mind was "O Shit." I was nailed in the chest and sent flying backwards. I turned this dire situation into awesomeness. With all the momentum that I had once my back hit the ground I continued rolling backwards and did a back handspring onto my feet. The crowd went crazy and I did all this while rocking a fanny pack.

5) I've been to mexico twice on mission trips. Both times we built houses for people living in in houses made out of cardboard and wooden palletes. They were both two of the most humbling times of my life but most importantly I learned that Mexican pop is amazing since it uses real sugar. Apple soda is one of the greatest things I've ever tasted.

6) I love sports! (as evidenced as being an athletic trainer I suppose) I'm a huge Cubs, Bears, and Illini fan and enjoy playing nearly every sport. I've ran cross-country and track through both high school and college and was an intermural ultimate frisbee champ.

7) I went to a non-televised Nickelodeon event and got picked to go on-stage to compete in a game. My team lost but it was completely worth it because I got slimed.

8) Out of all my left-handed friends, I'm the only one who holds the wiimote in my left hand and the nunchuck in my right. Oddly enough, I sometimes cross my hands when playing. I'm also still bitter about Link being right-handed in Twilight Princess.

9) I'm a huge Star Wars nerd. During Jr. High and High School I read about 40 books in the expanded universe. I can still watch the cantina scene in A New Hope and name nearly all the characters' names and species. My favorite is Return of the Jedi

10) My game gear collection contains such classics as Primal Rage (severely gimped on the GG), Shaq-Fu, and....

Reading this will give you AIDS. Enjoy!

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