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F Whipple's blog

12:11 AM on 02.02.2009

10 things you didn't know about F Whipple

1) My real name is not even close to F Whipple 2) I once wrote a paper comparing horror across different mediums such as literature, film, and, of course, video games. It was the most enjoyable research I have ever done f...   read

12:27 PM on 01.09.2009

F Whipple's Fake Game Friday: Bromance of the Three Kingdoms

Koei and MTV games have combined to make an excitingly new and innovative game, Bromance of the Three Kingdoms. This game combines the seemingly incompatible genres of turn-based strategy and a relationship simul...   read

12:24 PM on 09.30.2008

Feel the hatred: Mistakes

We all make mistakes. It's a fact of life. Video games are no exception. I nearly every game we'll come across some small little detail that makes absolutely no sense. It's no deal breaker but it will absolutely infuriate...   read

9:07 PM on 06.18.2008

Could this be the wii lightsaber game we all dreamed of?

According to IGN, LucasArts is developing a new Star Wars game built ground-up for the Wii called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Obviously, the game will be set during the time of the Clone Wars but it also shares the same look ...   read

8:53 PM on 05.26.2008

Yoda footage (SCIV)

Via IGN For those who were curious as to how Yoda would work and move around in Soul Calibur 4, IGN has a short video showing him off; provided I can correctly imbed the video. Like most of us would have guessed Yoda tends ...   read

12:56 PM on 04.12.2008

Gaming's Guilty Pleasures: Life-Stealing

Ah life-stealing, how I despise thee. Strictly a co-op feature, life-stealing would occur when one person had completely run out of lives. This usually meant diddly squat however, as it was possible to borrow a life from th...   read

10:22 AM on 03.18.2008

Damn it Sakurai!! *spoilers for cave-dwellers*

Although the Smash bros dojo is out of style now, I still find myself going back there everyday just to see what's there. Today, of course, is the great king of evil Ganondorf. Now aside from this sick shot of him choke-sla...   read

8:01 PM on 01.25.2008

Force Unleashed for the Wii

There's no doubt that The Force Unleashed is a highly anticipated game. Not only is it a Star Wars game but we finally get to be evil. With the focus on force powers combined with new technologies and we'll finally get to...   read

1:04 PM on 12.29.2007


So I had this odd dream where I was playing brawl and wolf link happened to be one of the characters. At least I think it was wolf link except his special moves had nothing to do with the games. Being one of the few dream...   read

7:06 PM on 10.08.2007

ESPN on video games

I read an interesting article from ESPN on none other than professional gaming in the world of Halo (of course). That's right, ESPN talked about video games. It goes on and talks about how 1337 they are with their all-day p...   read

1:55 PM on 09.18.2007

Finally...A Wii lightsaber game

Apparently the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is now coming to the Wii. The wiimote will be used for the lightsaber of course while the nunchuck will be used for force powers. All I can say is HELL YES!! Ever since the announcement of the Wii one of the first games everyone wanted to see was a lightsaber game. Hopefully the fine folks at Lucasarts can pull this off.   read

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