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Explosion2 avatar 7:33 PM on 05.31.2011  (server time)
E3 Approaches: Project Who?

I keep seeing a lot of people mention what they're excited about at E3, and I feel like I am almost alone (or at least, in the minority) in being excited to hear about the Project Cafe.

this seems to be the general consensus.

I'm actually kind of surprised that this is the case. Gamers have been clamoring for Nintendo to become more dedicated to the hardcore gamer ever since the wii came out. We were excited about the wii revolution and its mysteriousness, and when it was revealed to be the family-friendly wii, the hardcore gamers felt betrayed.

Wii Sports? Where's mah Mario?

Now don't get me wrong: when the wii was announced, I was actually ecstatic. I really wanted a wii for Christmas that year (but, of course, it was sold out), and after Christmas I was always checking online for wii availability, and eventually got it.

It still holds a special place in my heart as a console, and I especially love the Nintendo-made games for the Wii. Both Mario Galaxies are in my list of favorite games of all time.

but whatever. My history with the wii isn't what we came to talk about.

we came to talk about the project cafe.

So... as I was saying before I went off on my tangent about the Wii, Nintendo and the rumor generation squad have practically been saying that this is what the gamers have been hoping for. An HD console, more geared towards the fans that have felt so betrayed in the past.

...and yet most people aren't very excited about this.

Is it that you've felt so betrayed by nintendo that you think they're going to betray us again?

Or is it that you've just forgotten about it?

I am personally very excited. I'm sure most of the rumors are false, especially since the controller seems a bit too ridiculous if you believe ALL of the rumors.

So, why are or aren't YOU excited about the Cafe? I'm quite curious to hear everyone else's opinions on the matter.

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