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Excremento avatar 9:54 PM on 11.26.2007  (server time)
Look, I Drink -- The Workman Mojito

Look, I drink.

And I think to myself, there are plenty of others here on D-Toid that do the same. I thought, wouldn't it be nice to share some sophisticated drink recipes with fellow adults?

The Workman Mojito

Yes, that is a picture of THE James Bond, Sean Connery. What does he have to do with a mojito? Absolutely nothing whatsoever, but in Die Another Day Pierce Brosnan ordered a Mojito when he was in Cuba. It is internet law that anything that James Bond drinks is automatically manly. Its a good thing too cause I felt like such a girl when I oredered one of these when we were in Mexico. Ron Workman is neither Mexican or Cuban, he does however live in Florida which makes him automatically 1/4 of both and another 1/4 Old Person. This is a particularly good recipe for a mojito, the personal touch from me is the brown sugar instead of granulated white sugar. I hope you like it.

The basic recipe is:

1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
3 Lime Wedges
10 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 1/2 Oz. Silver Tequila
1/2 Oz. Creme de Cassis
5 Oz. 7-UpĀ® soda

Get yourself a drink mixing tin, place the brown suger, lime wedges, and all of the mint leaves at the bottom and muddle them until mixture smells like spearmint gum (if you don't have a muddling tool, just use a wooden spoon and beat the hell out of the ingredients. Next, fill the tin with ice. After that you'll want to add the Tequila and Creme de Cassis, put the lid on and shake until the tin starts to have condensation on the outside and is cold to the touch. Pour into a tall glass, and fill to taste with 7-up. You can garnish if you want, but it'll just get in the way of your drink.

The drink should look something like this when finished.

I'd personally use a taller glass

There you have it, The Workman Mojito! Depending on your tolerance for alcohol, take it easy with these, if you're uninitiated in the ways of liquor, it might go straight to your head. Good god they are delicious!

*Note* Destructoid assumes no responsibility for the drink recipes posted by Excremento, nor the actions taken from imbibing said drinks, neither does Excremento. Remeber kids, drink in moderation you don't want alcohol poisoning. As always have something to eat before imbibing.

Well, I hope you guys all like it, please let me know what you think!

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